Elementary School October Leaders of the Pack

Elementary School October Leaders of the Pack


Camila Sanchez Badillo: Camila has been a great example of PAW Pride for her friends during the first few weeks of school. She shows how to be respectful by listening during circle time and she's responsible when walking quietly in the hallway!

Heidy Jimenez Heidy is a very good listener, always follows directions, and is willing to try new things. What stands about Heidy this month is that she already has grown so much. The first few days of school she was very sad to leave Mom and Dad, but already she is coming into school with a smile on her face and excited to be at school! Great job Heidy!

Nahomy Aguilar Hernandez Nahomy is a great leader in our classroom and loves to help her fellow classmates!

Sofia Bonilla Morales Sofia shows paw pride by following classroom rules. She sits with her eyes watching, ears listening, voice quiet and her body calm during morning meeting and large group time! She is a great example for her friends!

Theodore Bellville Theo has done a wonderful job adjusting to 4k and has already stepped up to be a leader in my class. He is always one of the first to follow expectations and is always willing to help out!


Ulises Sandoval Cruz: Ulises shows Paw Pride in the classroom by being respectful, responsible, and safe. He is a great role model and helper for those around him and he is kind to everyone. Great job Ulises!

Dago Sandoval Zarate: Dago comes to school each day ready to learn and ready to listen. He is doing a wonderful job of following the classroom expectations and becoming a great leader and role model.

Adriel Cruz Vasquez: Adriel is always going the extra mile to help a friend in need. He does an excellent job of showing Paw Pride in the hallway by keeping a voice level 0 and having a safe body.

Lincoln Quiahua Anastacio: Lincoln has been coming to school ready to learn. He is a great role model for all the students in our classroom and I am super proud of him for being at school every day.

Amaya Sanchez Velasco: Amaya is a great leader. She stays focused, even when the room gets a little crazy. She is always respectful, responsible, and safe. We are so proud of her!

Alitza Silva Feria: Alitza is a great leader. She has a calm body and a smile on her face almost all the time. She is always respectful, responsible, and safe. Great work, Alitza!

Maria Feria Espitia: Maria is an excellent student and a wonderful friend to everyone! She always tries her hardest and is willing to go out of her way to help a friend. Well done Maria!


Diana Macuixtle Panzo: Diana is a very respectful and caring student. She shares with her classmates and has a very kind heart. Thanks for being such a great first grade role model, Diana!

Diana Feria Martinez: Diana comes to school with a smile on her face and a positive attitude daily. She is a GREAT example of PAW pride in all the areas of the school. Diana is the first to offer help when needed. Keep up the great work Diana!

Kennedy Guenther: Kennedy strives for success in everything she does and works to the best of her ability. She treats classmates, teachers and staff with respect by valuing each as an individual, respecting differences, and valuing the work that others do.

Danna Cano Quiahua: Danna is a very pleasant girl; kind to everyone. She arrives each day with a smile on her face. Danna is a hard worker and always tries her best.

Edi Lopez Rosario: Edi comes to school prepared and ready to learn. He shows PAW Pride inside and outside of the classroom.


Esmeralda Aguilar Reyes: Esmeralda has done an amazing job of showing paw pride. She is respectful, responsible, and safe. She is very polite and kind. Congratulations Esmeralda!

Aylin Hernandez Tinoco: Aylin excels at showing Paw Pride. She is a great leader in our classroom and is always following our school expectations. We are so proud that she is in our school. Keep up the great work Aylin!

Idalia Gomez: Idalia shows Paw Pride by being safe, respectful and responsible throughout the whole school. She is an excellent leader and raises her hand to participate in our classroom community often.

Leo Aguilar Barrios: Leo is respectful and responsible during class. He always does a little extra when we are cleaning the room at the end of the day. He asks and answers questions and is engaged in learning. Keep up the good work Leo. 

Kimberly Cacari Silva: Kimberly came back for the school year ready to learn and does a great job modeling the expectations in all areas of our building.


Javier Pablo Lopez: Javier shows kindness and empathy to his friends.

Alan Sandoval Ortiz: Alan has been showing PAW PRIDE in many ways! He is a good listener, follows directions, tries his best, and is super helpful with his fellow classmates.

Melissa Merino Reyes: Melissa follows the classroom expectations. She works hard and is always trying her best. She comes with a positive attitude, ready to learn.

Osvaldo Ortiz Cruz: Osvaldo does an amazing job showing PAW Pride in and outside of our classroom. I can count on Osvaldo to focus on his work without being told, and show kindness to everyone. I am pleased to have Osvaldo in my classroom. Keep up the great work!

Rowen Mares: Rowen is a leader in my classroom. He is always helping others and showing great Paw Pride.

Kevyn Reyes: Kevyn is a great leader in our classroom! He shows Paw Pride all throughout the school whether anyone is watching or not! It is a pleasure having Kevyn in class.


Noel Rubio: Noel has done such a great job of helping his peers when they were struggling. He used his words and visuals to help his friends!

Jean Carlos Padila: Jean Carlos has been doing an amazing job this school year! He's working hard in all of his classes! Great job JC!

Mitchell Koska: Mitchell has shown persistence and resilience with several aspects of his life. He is ready to be a 4th grader and has shown Paw Pride this September!

Valeria Villa Deniz: Valeria has shown initiative in the classroom and helps those who needs assistance. She is working hard to do her best in the classroom.

Samuel Mendoza Maldonado: Samuel is always giving his best effort both academically and behaviorally. If something is challenging to him, he always perseveres until he has accomplished the task or understands what he is learning. He also goes out of his way to ensure that our school and playground our clean. Keep up the great work Samuel!