Middle School December Leaders of the Pack

Middle School December Leaders of the Pack
Each month we will be recognizing an AMS Leader of the Pack. This recognition will go to two students at each grade level that exhibit strong, positive citizenship skills and commitment to school. We are so excited to recognize our fabulous students!


Haziel Cossio Sotelo - Hazel is a dependable and hard-working student. He is eager to help other students and never fails to put a smile on someone’s face.

Jordan Halling- Jordan gives attention to detail in her daily work. She makes the most of her learning opportunities by actively listening and joining class discussion. She is helpful to her peers and teachers.


Kalani Vazquez - Kalani always brings a positive attitude and a smile to class. She takes learning seriously and puts extra effort into her school work.

Erika Steinlicht - Erika is a joy to have in class. She comes to class with materials and homework completed. She works well with her peers and does a great job participating in class.


Nathan Badillo- Nathan is a very respectful student to both teachers and his peers. He will help out whenever asked and a pleasure to have in class. Nathan always has a contagious smile on his face.

Linnet Barrios Ortiz - Linnet is a hard worker and a model student in 7th grade. She has a positive attitude and gives 100% effort on her work and assignments in class.


Diana Juarez - Diana is always eager to learn and a wonderful addition to any classroom. She is very responsible and always puts forth her best effort in class and on assignments. Diana is also a positive energy in class and always greets her teachers in the classroom and hallways.

David Escalera-Fanello - David is an exceptional young adult. He is always willing to participate in class and goes the extra mile to make others feel included. He is kind to others. David works hard in class and is attentive to his work and grades. His positive attitude makes him a great addition to the classroom and a role model for everyone around him.