Elementary School December Leaders of the Pack

Elementary School December Leaders of the Pack


Victoria Gonzalez Moreno -  Victoria is always thinking of others! She puts others before herself. She is a good friend to all.

Dylan Cano Quiahua -  Dylan is always lighting up the classroom with his smile and laugh. Dylan follows directions and loves playing with his friends. Dylan loves counting, numbers, colors, and shapes; and he loves to share his knowledge of those things with us.

Evelyn Maldonado -  Evelyn is an exceptional student. She always does her best quality work and she listens with her whole body. She is very responsible and is always prepared for learning. She is still shy, but working very hard to build her confidence. So proud of you Evelyn!

Sebastian Ortiz Aguilar -  Sebastian is such a fun student. He is very quiet, respectful and responsible, but he also has very fun, silly, and kind. He has really opened up at school and we are loving his blossoming personality. So excited to see how he grows over this school year. Way to go Sebastian!

Litzy Cruz Reyes -  Litzy sets a great example for her friends by showing kindness to all! She works hard at being respectful, responsible and safe, and always lends a helping hand. We enjoy having her in our class!


Leandro Feria Rovelo -  Leandro has such a kind heart and is always willing to help a friend. He is constantly following paw pride expectations, and is a leader in our room. He is a good friend to everyone, and shows everyone how to do the right thing. Keep up the great work, Leandro!

Jordyn Wolfe -  Jordyn consistently shows Paw Pride by being respectful, responsible, and safe. She actively participates in lessons and tries her hardest to make connections to the things she is learning. She's so helpful to those around her, and shows kindness to students and adults.

Arlet Diaz Pascual -  Arlet is a great leader in the classroom. She is very responsible and always works hard. She always remembers to use her manners and is very kind.

Leslie Maldanado Perez -  Leslie is a great leader in the classroom. She follows directions well and is always willing to help others. Keep up the great work Leslie!

Natalia Carlos Morales -  Natalia you are doing a wonderful job in Kindergarten. You are always showing everyone what PAW PRIDE looks like. Thank you for being a great listener and learner.

Brittany Silva Herrera -  Brittany is doing a great job of showing Paw Pride in and out of the classroom. She is kind to her peers, respectful, and works very hard. Way to go, Brittany!


April Cruz Sandoval -  April is an excellent example of PAW Pride at all times. She respects her peers and teachers. She is very responsible with getting her work done. I am so proud of the growth she has shown in reading.

Mary Jane Augustin -  This student is very sweet, always has a smile on her face and is listening to the teacher and showing paw pride.

Evelyn Cruz Mendoza -  Evelyn shows great PAW Pride in our classroom! She is always respectful and kind to others. She works very hard on her schoolwork and encourages others to do the same. Great job, Evelyn!

Ulises Sandoval Cruz -  Ulises can always be seen dong his job in the classroom. He is a very respectful student and works extremely hard in the classroom.

Josue Pablo Lopez -  Josue comes to school every day, ready to learn. He is always actively engaged in what is being taught and takes great pride when he gets it right. He is responsible for his own materials. He is kind and respectful to everyone. Josue is a pleasure to have in class.


Deivyn Lopez Gomez -  Deivyn does an excellent job of showing paw pride. He is respectful, responsible, and safe. Keep up the good work Deivyn! 

Maryori Feria Sandoval -  Maryori shows PAW Pride throughout the entire school. She follows voice levels, is kind to everyone, and is a hard worker. Keep up the great work!

Jonathan Cruz Silva -  Jonathan is always following our expectations and is a very hard worker. He tries his hardest every single day and is a joy to have in class.


Alexander Limon Govea -  Alexander is always very respectful and kind to everyone. He is always willing to help out and gets excited to do his classroom job everyday. In the hallway, Alexander is always showing Paw Pride and reminding others to do so as well.

Sebastian Martinez -  Sebastian is a friend to everyone in the school. Sebastian consistently follows directions and listens to the teacher.

Violeta Hernandez Reyes -  Violeta has been working hard in the classroom since the beginning. She shows PAW pride in and out of the classroom and is a kind friend to everyone. Even when things get more challenging, she continues to try new strategies until she figures it out. Keep up the great work, Violeta!


Evelyn Dominguiez Sabillon -  Evelyn shows great perseverance in everything that she does and is always working hard to do things to the best of her abilities. She is full of kindness and is such a positive light within our classroom. Keep up the great work Evelyn! :)

Abigail Vera Mendez -  Abigail is a hard worker, and great classmate! She helps others, is kind, and honest! I am lucky to have you in my class, Abigail! 

Nicole Hernandez Donjuan -  Nikki works very hard in class and has also mentored some of her classmates. She is very kind and patient with her classmates and is always quick to help someone in need. Thanks Nikki!

Leilani Aguilar Ortiz -  Leilani is very kind to her classmates. She sets a great example for how to be in a good 4th grade line, how to walk in the hallway, and at lunch in the cafeteria. She has been working extra hard in math and is doing well! Great work Leilani!

Aiden Verde Martinez -  Aiden works very hard in class, especially in partner collaboration. He is very polite and he shows great PAW Pride everywhere he goes! Thanks much Aiden!

Alejandra Moreno Sebastian -  She works hard in the classroom and tries her best. She is respectful, responsible, and safe.

Alan Sandoval Ortiz -  Alan is such a hard worker and kind person. He comes to school ready to learn, follows directions, and offers to help others.