Elementary School April Leaders of the Pack

Elementary School April Leaders of the Pack


Kimberly Aguilar Ortiz -  Kimberly is a nice friend to everyone in our class. She always tries her best and takes pride in her work.

Dominic Mendoza -  Dominic joined our class later in the school year and has really fit into our group right from the start! He constantly shows kindness by making sure he thanks others for doing things (as well as reminding friends to say thank you) and is always wanting to help. We are very lucky to have him!

Heidi Maldonado Cruz -  Heidi always takes her time and does her best work! She very thoughtful and helps other when she can!

Nova Andrade Valle -  Nova comes to school every day ready to learn and have fun at school. She is an amazing artist and is very creative.

Brayant Alejo Gonzalez -  Brayant is an excellent line leader. He is a very caring and kind friend. We love to see his smile every day!

Eddie Mendoza Alejo -  Eddie has made a lot of growth this year. He was very shy last year and at the beginning of this year, but he is out of his shell now. He is talking and playing more with peers, and he is more comfortable talking with grown ups. He also is willing to try new foods and take his "no thank you bites" at every meal. So proud of all the growth we have seen in Eddie!

Leslie Maldonado Perez -  Leslie is a great student. She is a great listener, participates in our classroom activities, and is always willing to help other classmates. She plays nice with everyone and is a great role model. Way to go Leslie!


Yaretzi Aguilar Cruz -  Yaretzi has really started coming out of her shell. She is kind and compassionate student who shows great PAW Pride in all areas. She is improving immensely in reading and math! Keep up the great work!

Sherlyn Moreno Portillo -  Sherlyn moved into our classroom at the end of December and she has been a welcoming addition ever since. She is a hard worker, always willing to lend a helping hand. Her smile is a joy to see every morning. :)

Annette Ortiz Ortiz -  Annette is a new student and she has done a great job of learning all of the rules and routines. Annette comes to school with a smile on her face and a can-do attitude.

Josue Pablo Lopez -  Josue is quick to raise his hand when a question is asked. He also shows PAW Pride in hallway by using walking feet and keeping his hands to himself. Great job Josue!

Hadley Moreno Tronrud -  Hadley has worked hard to develop her leadership skills and influence her classmates to make good choices at school. She consistently participates in lessons and helps others learn. She is respectful, responsible, and safe. We are proud of you, Hadley!


Kevin Jimenez -  Kevin shows excellent PAW Pride in and out of the classroom. He is always prepared for instruction and works hard to be an excellent learner. He is a great friend to everyone and strives to do his very best every day.

Daleyza Feria Arias -  Daleyza is a hard working student. She sits quietly in the front and follows directions. Daleyza is kind and respectful and a great addition to my classroom.

Luis Ortiz-Ortiz -  Luis comes to school with a smile on his face. He works hard to complete all of his work and tries his best every day even when things are difficult. He shows PAW Pride in and out of the classroom. Way to go Luis!

Miranda Zuniga Hernandez -  Miranda is showing a lot of respect for her peers and teachers. She is helpful and responsible with her schoolwork.


Giovy Sandoval Vasquez -  Giovy is a very hard worker. He is always trying his best. He is polite and kind to others. Keep up the good work Giovy!

Braxin Yarrington -  Braxin comes to class ready to learn. He tries his best and never gives up, even when taking on a challenge. Braxin is a leader in the classroom because he encourages others to show PAW Pride in all areas of the school. He is kind and respectful to others.

Elly Montalvo George -  Elly follows Paw Pride expectations in the classroom and on the playground. She is kind and considerate to her classmates. Keep up the good work Elly.


Iker Cruz Bautista -  Iker is always doing great things in and out of the classroom. He is always willing to help a friend or a teacher in need. He is super helpful in class and always shows Paw Pride! Iker is a great friend to all and definitely knows how to spread kindness.

Adriana Reynoso Vargas -  Adriana is always following PAW Pride expectations! She is friendly to everyone in our class, willing to help others and shares her ideas.

Jessica Ortiz Ortiz -  Jessica has done a great job following our school rules since she started with us in February. She is kind and respectful. Jessica tries to do her best every day. She always comes with a smile on her face and is ready to learn.

Angela Perez Zacarias -  Angela gets her work done efficiently and accurately. She is kind to her classmates and staff. Congratulations Angela!

Isaac Mantufar Ramirez -  Isaac always comes into the classroom with a positive attitude and a growth mindset. He perseveres with all that he does and makes sure that he is doing his best work! He is a leader in our classroom!

Nathanael Winey -  Nathanael has a kind heart and is patient and helpful with all of his classmates. He works hard and doesn't complain when he has to make up work when he is gone. He is a leader in our class.


Even Guzman Cruz -  He is responsible, respectful, and safe. He strives to do his best, and he is a good friend to all.

Gunner Hilton -  Gunner has been growing this year. He has worked so hard reading, writing, and with math. I am very proud of his progress and positive attitude toward learning! Gunner deserves Leader of the Pack because he has grown to be a leader!

Lizeth Garcia Martinez -  Lizeth is a great role model for everyone she is around. She has such a positive personality and is always willing to work hard and lend a helping hand. Keep up the great work Lizeth!