Elementary School December Leaders of the Pack

Elementary School December Leaders of the Pack


Natalia Carlos Morales:  Natalia shows Paw Pride in the classroom by following directions, including others and helping friends. She always gives her best effort on anything we work on!

Saori Maldonado Aguilar:  Saori is quiet and kind. She is a good listener, she tries her best, and she is always polite to those around her. She sets a great example for other students. She is also very empathetic towards the special education students in our classroom. She goes out of her way to help them with their morning routines and will hold their hand walking down the hallway. She has such a big heart!


Joselyn Perez Cruz:  Joselyn has been working so hard in my classroom! She always tries her hardest and is a friend to everyone. She is very respectful and has a smile on her face every morning. Well done Joselyn! Keep up the amazing work!

Alveiron Sayago Rojas:  Alveiron is a great example of showing Paw Pride at school. He is very respectful to peers and teachers. He is responsible and a hard worker. Alveiron shows a safe body when in the classroom and when traveling in the hallway. Thanks for your hard work, Alveiron!

Lizbeth Silva Herrera:  Lizbeth is always being Respectful, Responsible and Safe. She is a great friend and a hard worker. Keep it up Lizbeth!

Kevin Juan Miguel:  Kevin is always being kind to others and trying his best in everything he does. Kevin keep being Respectful, Responsible and Safe! You are doing awesome!

Evelyn Cruz Mendoza:  Evelyn does an excellent job of showing PAW Pride in and out of the classroom. She does a great job of participating and following directions. She also has a great attitude and is always smiling. Keep up the good work, Evelyn!


Deivyn Lopez Gomez:  Deivyn brings a smile to everyone he meets! He is a wonderful helper in the classroom. Deivyn has shown great responsibility by doing things independently when he is able. He is a hard worker and always wants to do his best. Keep up the great work!

Annie Lopez Sandoval:  Annie is kind hearted and a good friend. Annie is respectful to all staff. She works very hard in the classroom and always tries her best.

Johanna Juan Esteban:  Johanna is consistently showing PAW Pride in and out of the classroom. She always completes her work to the best of her abilities and is always willing to lend a hand to a friend in need of assistance. Keep up the great work!

Yami Maldonado Aguilar:  Yami comes to school with a smile on her face ready to learn. She works hard and is a good friend. Great job Yami!

Cecilio Cacari Quetzecua:  Cesar is a very respectful and hard-working student. He always tries his best, even when work is difficult. He has a positive attitude and is a great friend to others.


Maia Sanchez Sandoval:  Maia is a very hard worker in the classroom. She participates in our lessons, she is respectful to others, and she never gives up. Keep up the good work Maia!

Oakley Kivi:  Oakley has been working very hard on showing PAW Pride. She raises her hand while in the classroom, continues to work hard on being quite in the hallways, and while at recess, picks up garbage to help keep our playground clean. Way to go Oakley!

Jasmin Reynoso Barrios:  Jasmin is always ready to learn. She listens and participates in class. She always follows expectations and is a great leader in our classroom.

Joshua Mantufar Ramirez:  Joshua is always showing PAW Pride. He participates in the learning each and every day and brings great ideas to our classroom discussions. He is a role model for other students and is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. Keep up the great work Joshua!

Cataleya Herrera:  Cataleya shows PAW Pride in the classroom by having whole body listening and raising her hand to share ideas and answer questions often. She is a leader in respecting her teachers and classmates. She uses safe and responsible problem solving strategies and helps others whenever she can. Cataleya comes to class ready to try her best and work hard. She has a positive mindset and challenges herself to try new things.


Ivan Rodriguez:  Ivan is a very kind person and is always willing to help his classmates and teacher with any task.

Rey Vasquez Cruz:  Rey always comes to school with a positive attitude and an enthusiasm for learning!! Rey is an awesome example of what it looks like to show Paw-Pride both in and outside the classroom. He is kind and respectful to all those around him and has such a contagious joy for learning new things! Rey loves sharing the new facts that he learns about history and our world with others! Rey is a great leader in our classroom!

Israel Granadas Cruz:  Israel consistently listens and follows directions. He gets his work done and he helps his friends. Good job Israel!

Christopher Silva Herrera:  Christopher follows the PAW Pride expectations. He is helpful and kind to his classmates. Christopher works hard and always does his best work.

Jhojhan Rojas Ortiz:  Jhojhan is a pleasure to have in class . He shows respect to his teachers and classmates. Jhojhan is responsible by making sure that our school is kept clean. Jhojhan does an amazing job of showing PAW Pride. Thank you for all you do, Jhojhan.

Wendy Sandoval Lopez:  Wendy has such a joyful attitude and works hard doing her best every day. She is a good friend to all and shows PAW pride every where she is.


Valeria Bautista Lorenzo:  Valeria is always willing to work with anyone and is truly a great team player. She is always working hard to produce high quality work and shows great perseverance whenever she faces a challenge. Keep up the great work Valeria!

Luz Cruz Barrios:  Luz has been participating in class and playing an active role in her own learning.. She asks questions and works cooperatively with others. She has been a great role model in our classroom. She is being responsible, respectful, and safe.