Elementary School December Leaders of the Pack

Elementary School December Leaders of the Pack


MaryJane Agustin Agustin MaryJane is so kind to others and demonstrates respectful behavior in the classroom.

Damon Rebolledo Damon is a good friend to everyone! He always contributes to class discussions! He makes our classroom a better place when he is here!

Brandon Sandoval Vasquez He is always using his listening ears and watching eyes during circle time.

Jared Aguilar Aguilar Jared is an exemplary student. He is always on task, following directions, and being kind to others. He is gaining confidence in using his voice and we are all enjoying his presence in our classroom.


Montserrat Sandoval Sandoval Montserrat is extremely kind and caring to everyone in our class. She does an excellent job of showing PAW Pride by being a leader and role model in the classroom.

Paisley Mercer Paisley does an awesome job of following the PBIS rules! She is a great helper and always tries her best.

Aliyah Walske Aliyah is such a great helper in the classroom. When someone needs a friend she is the first one to ask what is wrong. She always follows the PBIS rules. Keep it up Aliyah!

Annie Lopez Sandoval Annie shows PAW Pride on a daily basis. Annie always exceeds expectations. She is kind to all friends and a great role model.

Kimberly Pablo Vargas Kimberly works very hard in the classroom and takes her to time to do her best work. She is respectful to everyone and always lends a helpful hand when needed. Kimberly shows PAW pride on a daily basis!


Gracie George Gracie is always willing to help a classmate or teacher when needed. She comes to school each day with a smile on her face ready to learn something new.

Yanelly Sabillon Dominguez Yanelly has been nominated for PAW Pride this month because she is a great example of how a 1st grader should focus their attention while in class. Her eyes are watching, her ears are listening and her voice is quiet. Yanelly is a great PAW Pride role model, who always has a smile on her face!

Leo Aguilar Barrios Leo shows PAW Pride in the classroom by showing kindness and empathy to his classmates. If he has a friend who needs help he is there for them!

Esmeralda Aguilar Reyes Esmeralda shows Paw Pride inside and outside the classroom. She comes to school with a smile on her face, ready to learn and participate every day.

Aleah Lyeva Moga Aleah is a bright and responsible student. I can always count on her to help her classmate read in partner reading time. A pleasure to have in class.


Brandon Simon Crespo Brandon has been working hard on continuing to show PAW PRIDE throughout the school building. He has really improved his basics in the hallway this past month.

Mateo Vargas Acosta - Mateo works hard at everything he does and is a kind friend to classmates. He follows directions and stays focused throughout the school day.

Israel Granados Cruz Israel is an amazing role model in my second grade classroom. He shows paw pride by raising his hand, listening to the speaker, participating in classroom lessons, and is always trying his best. He goes out of his way to polite and kind to other students. Israel also shows paw pride in the lunchroom, hallways, and playground. Keep up the good work!

Kaylee Barrios Aguilar Kaylee follows all the expectations in the classroom and throughout the school.  She is prepared to learn when she gets here.  She is kind and considerate and helpful to her classmates.  Keep up the good work Kaylee.

Williamns Tehuacatl​​​​​​​ Williamns is a very hard worker and whenever he comes across a problem, he perseveres and doesn't give up. We are thankful he is here in our classroom and school.


Adelaida Reynoso Vargas Adelaida is a learner that never gives up. Everyday, she shows up to school eager and ready to learn. Even if it takes her many attempts to master a skill she preservers and gives it her all. She follows all expectations and is a great role model to others.

Leo Rodriguez Leo works hard in the classroom, and is very respectful. He tries his best in everything, and doesn't give up when things get hard. He is also a good friend to everyone.

Samuel Mendoza Maldonado Samuel works hard and always tries to do his best. He is respectful to his classmates and teachers.

Audrina Mendoza​​​​​​​ Audrina is a leader in our classroom. She loves to help others and always puts in her best effort with anything she does. She shows Paw Pride all throughout the day :)

Blake Helgeson Blake is always positive, and he gives his best effort every day.

James Currier​​​​​​​ James is a kind friend to everyone in the classroom. He is respectful and works hard.

Daleyza Ortiz Reyes​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Daleyza is a pleasure to have in class, she demonstrates PAW pride everyday. She always comes to school with a smile on her face and ready to learn. Keep up the great work!


Jessica Pablo Lopez Jessica is a great role model in our classroom and in our school community. Jessica is a student that you can always count on. She has also gone above and beyond to make others in our classroom feel valued and welcomed. She without a doubt a positive leader of our pack!

Hailey Cruz - She always tries and has a positive attitude. She always makes me smile. She has a great personality and is a good friend to everyone and anyone. She is responsible, respectful, and safe.

Genesis Miguel Aguilar - She participates in class with a positive attitude. She helps others without being asked. She is a good friend to her peers. She is responsible, respectful, and safe.

Anderson Castro Zacarias​​​​​​​ Anderson has shown great pride in his work. He is very responsible when it is work time and a great leader in the classroom.