Elementary School January Leaders of the Pack

Elementary School January Leaders of the Pack


Amaya Sanchez Velasco -  Amaya consistently shows PAW Pride in and out of the classroom! She is a friend to everyone and truly leads by example.

Irving Zaragoza Ortiz -  We can always count on Irving to set a positive example for the other kids to follow!

Johal Gonzalez Lopez -  Johal is the best little helper in the classroom and is the most caring and kind friend.

Samantha Diaz Lorenzo -  Sami is a great student. She always tries her best to be a good friend to everyone and be the best listener she can be. She is a great model for the other students.

Jazmin Barrios Cruz -  Jazmin shows paw pride by being kind to others. She is always willing to help tie shoes for friends!


Kevin Jimenez -  Kevin is a very kind and responsible student. Kevin is a great role model in the hallways and in the classroom. He does a great job of displaying PAW Pride.

Edi Lopez Rosario -  Edi is always following the PBIS rules within our classroom. Whenever I look Edi is doing exactly what he is suppose to be doing. I am super proud of you. Keep it up Edi!

Daleyza Feria Arias -  Daleyza is very respectful and kind to her peers. She is always on task and focused on her work. She is a very hard worker!

Sofia Cruz Lopez -  Sofia works very hard and asks for help when she needs it. She is kind to others and listens to the teacher.

Abigail Valdovinos -  Abigail is doing a wonderful job of showing PAW Pride in the classroom. She is a kind and compassionate friend. She is a responsible learner and always waits for her turn to speak. Thank you for doing a great job, Abigail!


Bentley Basilio-Rico -  Bentley show kindness and compassion to his teachers and classmates. He also actively participates in classroom discussions and has lots of prior knowledge and ideas to share!

Derek Bautista Garcia -  Derek is prepared each day. Derek is helpful to everyone.

Iker Zuniga Zaragoza -  Iker comes into the classroom with a huge smile every day. He is an active participant in everything we do in class. Iker takes great pride in being the leader. He is kind, helpful and respectful.

Iker Aguilar Hernandez -  Iker comes to school ready to work hard. He is willing to help others and is a leader in the classroom.

Joskua Nava Moreno -  Estrella works very hard and always does her best. She is willing to work with everyone in our class and is a great helper.


Bryanna Sandoval Zarate -  Bryanna is a very considerate and thoughtful student. She helps interpret for students when needed and is always showing PAW Pride. Thank you for being such a hard worker!

Beatriz Juan Miguel -  Beatriz is a very hard worker. She is constantly showing PAW Pride in all areas of our school. Beatriz is also a great Whole Body listener and takes her time to think when someone poses a question. Congratulations Beatriz!

Wendy Sandoval Lopez -  Thank you Wendy for showing paw pride in our classroom. You do a gread job of raising your hand, participating, and taking turns. You are very responsible and respectful. Keep up the good work!

Alan Sandoval -  Alan is a great model for all PAW PRIDE expectations. He is kind and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Ivan Rodriguez -  Ivan follows classroom expectations. He helps his classmates and makes our classroom a better place. Keep up the good work Ivan.

Miranda Rebolledo Hernandez -  Miranda is an excellent leader in and out of the classroom. She is always looking for ways to help others and practices kindness and empathy to everyone.


Mia Sanchez Helgeson -  Mia participates in class and always works hard. She is kind and works well with others.

Yazmin Granados Cruz -  Yazmin has a cheerful disposition that helps others to focus on the positive in situations. She is also very helpful and kind with her classmates, as well as a leader in our room.

Mileydi Aguilar Barrios -  Mileydi goes above and beyond to make sure she is doing her best work. She has the best attitude and is always kind to others.

Zoe Corrales Medrano -  Zoe is a very responsible, respectful, and helpful student. She is always helping any chance she gets, whether it is helping clean the classroom or helping a classmate with their work.


Breyelle Young -  Breyelle always comes to school bright eyed and ready to learn. She is cheerful, helpful, and a good friend. Breyelle shows what Paw Pride means and then spreads it around!

Jael Guzman Cruz -  Jael is very kind, compassionate, and determined. He comes to school every single day ready to learn and work hard. I can always count on Jael to be setting a good example and giving everything his best effort!

Yoselin Martinez Talavera -  Yoselin is responsible in class by always having her materials ready on her desk when class begins. Yoselin is a hard worker and is responsible by raising her hand when she needs help. Yoselin also is very helpful in class and offers to handout school materials to her classmates.

Kanye Vazquez -  Kanye shows great perseverance and determination in everything that he does. He does not settle for anything less than his best and is always encouraging others to do the same. Not only this, but he comes to school everyday with a positive attitude and smile on his face!

Heidi Sandoval Cruz -  Heidi has been working hard in the classroom and participating more in class. She has been respectful, responsible, and safe.