Elementary School January Leaders of the Pack

Elementary School January Leaders of the Pack


Jesus Hernandez Vasquez -   Jesus is ALWAYS willing to help out anyone in our class. He cares about everyone and does his best to make sure everyone is happy. He comes to school with a smile on his face and always shows PAW pride!

Joslette Torres Mateo -  Joslette does her best at everything she does! She takes pride in her work and always follows classroom rules and routines

Jenell Guiterrez Mejia -  Jenell always has a smile on her face! She is a good friend to everyone!

Jheidy Sandoval Hernandez -  Jheidy is a great example of PAW Pride for her peers. She is kind and caring, and is a friend to all!

Maya Hernandez Gonzalez -  Maya has really shown her paw pride this month. She has been very kind to everyone and has been extra good at including others. She has great listening ears and is following all of our classroom rules and school expectations!

Adelyn Bagniewski -   Adde is a great role model for her peers. She always listens and follows directions. I chose Adelyn this month because she has stepped out of her comfort zone and has been playing with all of her peers at recess and in the classroom. She really enjoys her teachers and likes to spend time with them, but she has tried really hard to build friendships with her classmates! Way to go Adde!!

Lizeth Sandoval Sandoval -  Lizeth is a wonderful helper to her fellow students and in the classroom. She is growing and learning more and more each day!

Leo Sandoval Ortiz - Leo greets every day with a smile! He is working hard in class and is very kid to his classmates.


Elias Howard -  Elias is learning so much in both English and Spanish. He's a great leader and looks for opportunities to help. We are so proud of him. Keep up the great work!

Alejandro Wicka-  Alejandro works so hard at school. He is kind to others and uses his time responsibly. He is respectful to his teachers and makes safe choices. We are proud of you, Alejandro! Keep working hard!

Brandon Sandoval Vazquez-  Brandon always works his hardest at school and does great work! He is kind, polite, and respectful to his peers and teacher. Brandon is always lending a helping hand to others and friends with everyone. Keep up the great work Brandon!

Santiago Cacari Quetzecua -  Santiago does a great job of showing Paw Pride in all areas of the school. He is very responsible for his learning. He always participates and tries his hardest with every task. Thanks for showing Paw Pride, Santi!

Alex Sandoval Sandoval -  Alex always tries his best. He is respectful to his teachers and classmates, and shows he is willing to learn and grow. We are so proud of you, Alex! Keep working hard and learning lots.

Dayana Leon Ortiz -  Dayana is doing a great job in the classroom of being a fantastic listener and being a leader on the carpet by always being responsible, respectful, and safe. She always raises her hand and waits for her turn to speak. Keep doing an awesome job Dayana!

Jazmin Salmeron -  Jazmin has been working so hard at being a good listener during classroom time. She has been respectful, responsible and safe every day, all day long! Keep up the great work Jazmin!


Jonathan Cruz Silva -  Jonathan is an excellent leader in and out of the classroom. He strives to do his very best and be a friend to everyone. Keep up the great work!

Jennifer Reyes Aguilar -  Jennifer is a excellent example of PAW pride each and every day. During independent work time Jennifer is always on task! She is a hard working and making GREAT gains with learning her tricky words. She is responsible and prepared to have a good day. She is always asking what she can do to help myself or her other classmates. Keep up the great work Jennifer.

Ivan Romero Ubaldo -  Ivan is a kind and polite student. He always listens quietly and patiently for directions or his turn. Ivan works hard and tries his best.

Pedro Lopez Jacinto -  Pedro is a very hard-working student. He always tries his best and is making great gains in understanding English. Great job, Pedro!

Paisley Mercer -  Paisley shows PAW Pride in and out of the classroom. She is a hard worker and always wants to do her best. Keep up the great work!

Valentina Rodriguez Barranco -  Valentina comes to school each day with a smile on her face. She is kind and respectful to those around her and her positive attitude is contagious. She is always willing to lend a hand to a friend in need. Way to go Valentina!


Aleah Leyva-Moga -  Aleah is respectful when working with others. She shows paw pride by being responsible in the classroom, lunchroom, and on the playground. She uses whole body listening and participates in classroom discussions and lessons. Keep up the good work Aleah!

Annabell Poeschel -  Annabell is wonderful to have in class! She consistently shows PAW Pride in the classroom by raising her hand, following directions, and helping her classmate. Way to go Annabell!

Violeta Hernandez Reyes -  Violeta always shows PAW Pride in our school. She is always on task and showing others what it looks like to be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe. Keep up the great work Violeta!

Estrella Nava Moreno -  Estrella is a great role model in our classroom. She follow all paw pride expectations and she comes to school ready to learn. She is a pleasure to have in the classroom. Keep up the good work Estrella!!


Arielle Martinez -  Arielle is a very kind and helpful student in and out of my classroom. She is always going the extra mile to help her friends and show PAW pride.

Cristina Maldonado -  Cristina is kind and helpful with everyone in and out of the classroom. She works hard and doesn't give up, even when things can be challenging.

Jackson Maldonado-Ortiz -  Jackson is a respectful, kind and caring student. He listens and follows directions. He gets his work done efficiently and even has time to help his friends!

Abigail Sandoval-Cleland -  Abigail always comes into the classroom ready to go with her growth mindset! She is a great friend to those around her and is an awesome role-model of what it looks like to show paw pride both in and outside the classroom.

Levi Maldonado Cruz -  Levi has been doing a wonderful job following the school rules. He is being responsible by working hard to learn how to speak, read, write, and understand English.


Flor Reynoso Barrios -  Flor is a great leader both in and out of our classroom. She comes to school every day ready to work hard and do her very best. Keep up the great work Flor!

Bryndi Golden -  I am so proud of how Bryndi has gone above and beyond to make sure everyone around her feels welcomed and valued. Not only this, but she works hard at everything she does and is determined to reach her goals. Keep up the great work Bryndi!

Yazmin Granados Cruz -  Yazmin helps other students in our classroom. She is quick to volunteer to partner with someone, walk a sick student to the nurse, and lead in student groups or discussions.

Devin Hernandez Ortiz -  Devin is always so helpful around the classroom. He is always first to grab a broom at clean up time. He is also a leader in the classroom when it comes to following our Paw Pride rules.

Jacqueline Ortiz Hernandez- Jacqueline is always a model student.  You can find her helping her peers, studying, or volunteering to clean the classroom.  Jacki is a great example of Paw Pride!

Daleyza Ortiz Reyes -  Daleyza is very helpful and goes out of her way to make sure that her peers are getting the information needed to succeed. She is kind and patient. She is a model of being respectful, responsible, and safe.

Coltyn Schultz -  You always continue to use your knowledge in the classroom and help remind your classmates to keep an open mindset! How awesome!