Elementary School March Leaders of the Pack

Elementary School March Leaders of the Pack


 Sara Cardoza Mendoza-  Sara joined our class in January and has done a wonderful job learning the routine for our classroom. She shows PAW Pride in her beautiful work and loving spirit. She is a wonderful classmate!

Yamaris Sandoval Sandoval -  Yamaris is a very smart young lady and shows PAW PRIDE in everything that she does. She knows all of her letters and sounds, can count higher than 20 and works hard on every assignment. She has a lot of fun with her friends every day

Marisol Martinez Talavera -  Marisol comes to school every day with a smile and an energy to learn. She works very hard at all of her work. She plays with different people every day and shows kindness to all. She shows Paw Pride in the classroom, the lunchroom and the playground.

Maria Limones -  Maria is the "mother hen" of our class! She is kind to everyone and is always willing to help any friend in need by offering help on a project or a comforting hug. We love seeing Maria at school everyday!

Deisy Ruiz Martinez -  Deisy is a joy to have in our class! She leads her friends by her examples of kindness and willingness to help others.

Joel Vazquez -  Joel has shown great progress and confidence in the classroom. Joel follows the routines and schedule every day. Joel knows the expectations and is able to let others know what they are as well. We love to see Joel come into the classroom with a big smile on his face each day! Keep up the good work Joel!

Eydelin Reyes Moreno -  Eydelin has been showing Paw Pride by being a leader in the classroom and with strengthening her friendships with friends in the classroom. She is always wanting to help the teachers and her classmates. Eydelin has also shown great progress and confidence in speaking with the teachers in English. Keep up the good work Eydelin!

Rainalyn Tidquist -  Rainalyn loves to help others and is a great example of keeping her body safe. She's constantly participating in class and likes sharing her knowledge with others! We enjoy having Raina in our class!

Nelly Dominguez Guzman -  Nelly is a very helpful and caring friend to others. She has also been growing more independent since the beginning of the school year and continues to work hard every day!

Abdiel Aguilar Ortiz -  Abdiel is very caring and helpful to his friends. For example, he bring napkins to others during lunch time, helps pick up rest mats, and enjoys assisting us in cleaning up the classroom without us having to ask! We are very appreciative of his helpful attitude!

Chayanne (Niko) Rivera Saavedra - I am SO proud of you Niko. At the beginning of the year Niko was not able to say any words, but now he is not only using more than 10 words, but he is also using sign language! Niko you are exceeding my expectations for you every day and I could not be happier. You have been a great student and I am so excited to see how much you continue to grow!

Dany Sandoval Sandoval - Dany you have grown so much this school year. Your behavior this month as been FANTASTIC. You are using your words to work through problems, you are able to understand your emotions and those of others and you have been a great role model to others. Dany earned riding the school bus home after school! You have been a great helper to Miss Andie when she needs help setting up the smartboard and making sure we have all of our tools! I am so proud of you Dany!!!






Yelith Vasquez Cruz -  Yelith has been doing a great job being respectful, responsible, and kind in the classroom. She completes her work in a timely manner, is eager to learn, and is always a friend to others. Keep up the great work Yelith!

Victoria Maldonado Ortiz -  Victoria has such a kind heart! She is always doing what is expected of her, even when no one is watching. She tries her hardest in class everyday and does not complain when things get hard. Keep up the great work, Victoria!

Nahomy Aguilar Hernandez -  Nahomy is kind, courteous, and responsible. She plays with everyone, and shows empathy when someone is left out or feeling sad. She does her best work each and every day, and she is always willing to help her classmates and teachers. Thanks for making our school a better place to be, Nahomy!

Camila Barrios Aguilar -  Camila is consistently one of the first ones to follow directions, and she leads our class in counting to 100 each day. She has a positive attitude and is kind to others. Camila, thank you for working hard and making our classroom a friendly place to be!

Kenneth Suares Mejia -  Kenneth is always working quietly and is always respectful to the teacher and his friends. He is working so hard at learning to blend the sounds that we have learned. Keep working hard Kenneth.

Carson Forsythe -  Carson has been doing an awesome job of participating, listening, and trying his hardest. Carson is a great friend who is always making sure people are feeling happy. Thanks for showing Paw Pride, Carson!

Amy Blas Bautista - Amy has been doing a great job of showing Paw Pride in the classroom! She is working very hard at using her sounds to learn how to read! Keep up the good work, Amy!





Yaneli Ortiz Reyes -  Yaneli comes to school ready to learn and do her best. She does an excellent job of showing PAW Pride in the classroom. She is also kind and respectful to others! Great job Yaneli!

McKenna Belisle -  McKenna has been doing an amazing job setting a positive example in our classroom. She is consistently being respectful, responsible and safe. Keep up the good work McKenna!

Joselyn Perez -  Joselyn is a very responsible student. She picks up after herself and tries her hardest at all times. Joselyn is also very kind and respectful to other students in the class.

Dulce Tzanahua Tehuacatl -  Dulce is a greater helper and friend to a new student in our class. She shows a lot of PAW pride by being responsible with her own work enough to help others. Great job, Dulce!

Rhedan Owens -  Rhedan is always ready to work when given assignments and does not interrupt the teacher or another student when they are speaking.








Ivan Romero Ubaldo -  Ivan shows PAW Pride beyond the classroom. Each day Ivan comes to school, he is always working hard and following directions. Ivan is respectful everyone, keep up the great work!

Valentina Rodriguez Barranco-  Valentina has been doing a great job of showing paw pride. She is respectful to students and adults. She is responsible and brings her folder to school every day. Keep up the good work Valentina!

Aliyah Walske -  Aliyah shows PAW Pride by staying focused and ready to learn in the classroom. She shows kindness and empathy to everyone. Aliyah is always willing to help others and share her ideas. Aliyah encourages others to try their best.

Fernando Posas Chaves -  Fernando shows PAW Pride by staying focused and ready to learn in the classroom. He shows kindness and empathy to everyone. Fernando works hard and tries his best every day. He shows excitement for learning and his positive attitude encourages others to try their best as well.









Giovy Sandoval Vasquez -  Giovy is always showing Paw Pride everywhere in the school. He is very polite and is always respectful to his peers and adults. Giovy is also very helpful in the classroom and loves to help others as well.

Camilo Sandoval Sandoval -  Camilo is a leader in our classroom and is always willing to help others. He is very welcoming to new students in our grade level. Camilo is consistently respectful, responsible, and safe during school. Keep it up Camilo!

Edward Maldonado Perez -  Edward is kind to everyone, and truly cares about his academics, going so far as to ask for extra homework to ensure he gets the practice for the skills he needs.

Salvador Salcedo Ascencio - Salvador has been showing great responsibility in our class as well as his other classes. He is kind to everyone and works hard with everything he does.







Emily Weihrouch -  Emily has continued to excel this year in her academics! Way to go girl!

Aremy Bautista Hernandez -  Aremy continues to come to school ready, and eager to learn! She always has a smile on her face!

Rodrigo Ortiz Maldonado -  Rodrigo has shown HUGE growth this year! I am so proud of you! -Ms. Berg

Williamns Tzanahua Tehuacatl -  Williamns has been working very hard in class and sets a positive example for those around him. He treats everyone with respect and takes great pride is his work, striving to continuously learn and grow.

Sophia Barralaga Reyes -  Sophia is very respectful to everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand. She takes responsibility for her own learning and is not afraid to take on a challenge. Keep up the great work Sophia!

Adriana Reynoso Vargas -  Adriana has been a great role model in the classroom. She is always willing to help others, participates in discussions, and demonstrates integrity. I am pleased to have her in our class and proud to have her as a Leader of the Pack!

Kaylee Barrios Aguilar - Kaylee is always on task, responsible, and friendly. She enjoys helping others and goes out of her way to make sure others are doing well. Kaylee is a wonderful student, friend, and person.

Nolan Lee - Nolan has been working very hard in class. He comes to school much more prepared and has worked to bring his math and reading scores way up! Thanks Nolan, keep up the great work!

Alan Carrillo Montalvo - Alan is a hardworking young man. He is very polite to others and he works hard in class! Alan is a joy to have in class. Thank you Alan, keep up the great work!

Alan Cruz Lopez - Alan listens to others while they are talking, reminds his friends to be respectful in the classroom, and positively impacts the learning environment by doing his job consistently!