Elementary School May Leaders of the Pack

Elementary School May Leaders of the Pack


Jazmin Salmeron:  Jazmin has been demonstrating Paw Pride and setting a good example for her friends in the classroom. She takes turns, shares, and is respectful.

Jayden Ruiz:  Jayden recently joined our class as a new student and he seemed to be the missing piece to our puzzle! He is always kind and polite to others and shows a love for learning every day. We are so happy he is with us!

Irving Aguilar Hernandez:  Irving is a model student. He is a great listener, respectful, kind, and always gives his best quality work. He shows his peers how to be a Leader of the Pack every day! So proud of you Irving!


Diana Macuixtle Panzo:  Diana is a wonderful helper in the classroom. She is always going out of her way to make others feel welcome and included. Thanks for always showing Paw Pride, Diana!

Cashton Hart:  I am nominating Cashton for this month's Leader of the Pack because he has been a role model for PAW Pride wherever he goes. Cashton has also been a leader in the classroom with his peers by being a great partner reader and helping his partner whenever he/she gets stuck on a word. Keep up the great work Cashton!

Giovanni Tepole-Montalvo:  Giovanni can always be seen dong his job in the classroom. He is a very respectful student and works extremely hard in the classroom.

Melanie Estrada Mateo:  Melanie shows empathy for her classmates and her teachers. She is the first one to notice someone is sad and tries to cheer them up. Her kindness makes school a great place to be. She is a hard worker and always tries her best. We need more people like Melanie in this world!

Valentina Rodriguez Barranco:  Valentina has been working really hard towards being Respectful, Responsible and Safe. She has been at school more often now and it shows in her learning. Keep up the good work Valentina! I love seeing you at school every day. :)


Dylan Romero Segundo:  Dylan is a joy to have in class! He actively participates in class and always has a smile on his face :)

Annabell Poeschel:  Annabell is working extremely hard this school year. She does a great job showing PAW Pride by raising her hand when she wants to talk. She comes to school everyday ready to learn something new.

Sebastian Martinez:  Sebastian comes to school ready to learn and give it his all. He is a positive role model for the other students. Great job Sebastian!

Joshua Mantufar Ramirez:  Joshua shows great PAW pride each and everyday! He works hard in the classroom and has grown so much this year. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to others. Keep up the great work!


Osvaldo Ortiz Cruz:  Osvaldo has been working very hard to show paw pride. He has been respectful, responsible, and safe. He has made great choices and always starts his day off with a huge smile. Keep up the good work Osvaldo!

Abigail Sandoval Cleland:  Abigail consistently tries her best in the classroom. Even when she is asked to do something that may be hard for her, she gives it her best! I love how Abigail is willing to try! Keep it up Abigail, and don't give up!!

Cristina Maldonado:  Cristina works hard to focus her attention in all subjects of the day to learn new and challenging information. She raises her hand often to participate and sets an example of how to show great PAW Pride in the classroom.

Nolan Lee:  Nolan is a leader because he uses his time in class to complete his work, participate in learning about new ideas and always tries his best. Nolan independently uses safe problem solving strategies and is quick to help others.

Rey Vasquez Cruz:  Rey is a great model student. He is on task, works hard and is kind to peers.

Lea Coronado Tomas:  Lea follows all P.B.I.S. expectations. She is a leader in the classroom. She is an engaged and enthusiastic learner.

Madeline Greenwood:  Madeline is very responsible and finishes her work to her best ability each and every time. She takes great pride in her work and is always willing to help others. Keep up the great work Madeline!


Leelah Peterson:  Leelah is patient, kind, and a great friend to everyone. She loves to help others and is respectful to all. She also perseveres when things get hard.

Luz Sandoval Sandoval:  Luz is kind to everyone and is always respectful. She uses her manners and always follows directions.

Alexander Mantufar Sandoval:  Alex shows great Paw pride in our classroom and throughout the school. He leads his classmates by helping ensure that everyone knows what they need and where they should be. Alex always has a positive attitude and is always ready to learn.

Luz Cruz Barrios:  Luz always has a positive attitude. She is a great friend and encourager to all of her classmates. She leads by example and is always ready to learn new things!

Yesenia Salmeron:  Yesenia has been working very hard and doing her best in the classroom. She always strives to do her best in the classroom. Yesenia comes to school ready to learn and with a smile on her face. Keep up the good work!

Viviana Moreno Tronrud:  Vivi has been a leader in our classroom since the first day of school. She is always showing great work habits. She is willing to help out anyways she is able to and goes above and beyond to make sure other students are following the expectations and learning. Vivi continues to show great leadership skills and is a pleasure to have in class.

Litzy Maldonado Ortiz:  Litzy has worked hard to make a positive transition to our school. She continues to follow the school expectations.


Brandon Vasquez Hernandez:  Brandon shows a great sense of responsibility and respect, along with being a great role model in the classroom.

Vanessa Reyes Sandoval:  Vanessa is a very responsible student. She is always prepared for class and ready to learn. She puts in her best effort on her assignments and is a hard worker. Way to go, Vanessa!

Gabriela Soto Calero:  Gabriela comes to school every single day ready to learn and give her best effort. Even though when she joined our class this fall she did not know very much English, she did not let that her stop her and she uses that as motivation. Her hard work and passion for learning does not go unnoticed. She is truly a blessing to our class! Gabriela viene a la escuela todos los días dispuesta a aprender y a dar su mejor esfuerzo. Aunque cuando se unió a nuestra clase este otoño no sabía mucho inglés, no dejó que eso la detuviera y lo utiliza como motivación. Su trabajo duro y su pasión por aprender no pasan desapercibidos. Es una verdadera bendición para nuestra clase.

Fabio Villa Deniz:  Fabio is a great leader within our classroom and in our school. You can depend on him to be leading by example and always willing to lend a helping hand. He works very hard to achieve his goals and brings a positive energy to our classroom each and every day. Keep up the great work!

Elsa Perez Tuma:  Elsa is a student that demonstrates Paw Pride through leadership, helpfulness and commitment to responsibilities. Even though Elsa is quietly being studious, her actions and leadership skills are loud and proud. By continually using her active listening skills, Elsa is able to further help her peers in times of need either in the classroom, or on the blacktop. Shine On!