Elementary School November Leaders of the Pack

Elementary School November Leaders of the Pack


Evelyn Cruz Mendosa - Evelyn is a leader in our classroom!  She always raises her hand to answer questions and contributes to classroom discussions.  Evelyn kindly reminds friends to make good good choices.

Kevin Juan Miguel - Kevin sets such a good example for the other children to follow for how to be respectful and responsible in our classroom.

Irving Aguilar Hernandez - Irving is doing a fantastic job at school. He is a great listener, always follows directions, and does a great job keeping his hands to himself. Way to be a leader Irving!

Fernanda Martinez Rodriguez - Fernanda constantly shows PAW Pride in the classroom and sets an example for her other classroom friends by doing so. She always makes sure to include friends in play and uses her listening rules during group time!


Emily Sandoval Cruz - Emily is continuously being safe, responsible, and respectful in all areas of the school. She does a great job of keeping her body to herself, participating in class, using her manners, and playing with all friends. Thanks for always showing PAW Pride, Emily! 

Jonathan Cruz Silva - Jonathan is always respectful to his classmates and teachers. He is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed and is kind to everyone around him. He has a big heart and big smile that brightens everyone's day! 

Diana Feria Martinez - Diana is always being respectful, responsible and safe. She comes to the classroom ready to learn and is very helpful to her friends and classmates.

Edwin Sandoval Hernandez - Edwin comes to the classroom ready to learn.  He is polite and helpful to his teachers and classmates.  He does a great job of being respectful, responsible and safe at all times!

Jean Carlo Feria Lopez - Jean Carlo is doing a great job of showing PAW Pride and is always safe, responsible, and respectful.  He is a very hard worker and is kind to all of his friends.  


Maia Sanchez Sandoval - Maia is always kind and inclusive when she is at school. Recently, she has displayed this at recess by playing with students who need a little extra help. I have observed her helping them get to knew play areas or pushing these friends on the swing. Maia also shows great listening ears during class, and always stays on task. Maia is a great example of having PAW Pride! 

Kimberly Cacari - Kimberly comes to school ready to learn something new each day. She is respectful to her teachers and classmates. 

Cataleya Herrera - Cataleya comes to school ready to learn and do her very best.  She is always willing to help her teacher and her classmates.

Emily Aguilar Mendoza - Emily shows PAW Pride in the classroom a number of ways.  Emily does not blurt out answers; she always raises her hand when she has something to share, and by doing that is being respectful. Emily makes sure her book box is by her desk, showing responsibility and safety.  Emily also has a great attitude about being in school - she enjoys school and learning!

Edwin Reyes Sandoval - Edwin always goes above and beyond to make sure oUr school is clean :)


Angela Perez Zacarias - Angela continues to show paw pride each and everyday.  She is a leader in the classroom.

Dulce Sandoval Hernandez - Dulce is ALWAYS raising her hand and contributing to class discussions.  She is positive and eager to learn.  

Nicole (Nikki) Hernandez Donjuan - Nikki shows paw pride in the classroom by looking, listening, and being kind to others.

Jackson Maldonado-Ortiz - Jackson is always showing PAW Pride in the classroom, bathroom, and hallways. It is rare that he needs reminders on what PAW Pride should look and sound like. He is always ready to learn by having his materials ready. Keep up the great work!

Abigail Vera Mendez - Abigail is a cheerful student who comes to school ready to learn.  She follows the classroom rules and is kind and helpful to her classmates.

Gio Cruz Silva - Gio works hard to show PAW Pride by trying his best on all of his school work and responsibly follows voice levels throughout the whole school. Gio shows kindness to everyone and is quick to help others.

Kevyn Reyes - Kevyn is shows Paw Pride in our school everyday. He is an active listener on our team and participates in learning. He is also a great friend to others in the classroom. Keep up the great work Kevyn!


Jeannette Hernandez Vasquez - Jeannette works hard at everything she does and is a kind friend to classmates. She follows directions and stays focus throughout the school day.

Bryndi Golden - Bryndi has been a joy to have in class from the first day.  She is kind to everyone and no matter what she is doing, she does it cheerfully.  She also goes above and behind with her work in class, doing more than what is expected, her best every time.

Valeria Bautista Lorenzo - Valeria always comes into the classroom with a positive attitude and an excitement to learn. She shows paw pride all throughout the day by taking responsibility for her learning and by helping others. Valeria is a leader in our classroom.

Evelyn Hernandez Garcia - Evelyn shows Paw Pride every day.  She is also a hard worker and never gives up. She is respectful to all. 

Edwin Ortiz Aguilar - It's a pleasure to have Edwin in class. He is a hard worker and a great role model to his classmates.  He is always willing to lend a hand to those who need help.  Keep up the great work Edwin!

Britney Feria Arias - Britney is always working hard and trying her best.  She brings a positive energy to the classroom and is a great role model to every student in the class. I can always count on here to do what is right.


Lexus White - Lexus is very thoughtful when it comes to friends and all social situations.  She is empathetic and able to put herself in others' shoes.  She is a hard worker and always willing to help.

Benjamin Hund - Ben is a top notch role model in our school.  He goes above and beyond to show kindness and empathy to everyone.  No matter what the situation, Ben is always making sure that everyone feels welcomed and included.  Ben is very humble and shows integrity in everything that he does.  

Genesis Miguel Aguilar - She participates in class with a positive attitude. She helps others without being asked. She is a good friend to her peers. She is responsible, respectful, and safe.

Asael Garcia Garcia - Asael shows PAW Pride by being responsible in class. Asael is always focused during work time and does an excellent job of explaining his work to his classmates and the teacher. Asael sets a great example for his classmates by always being ready and excited to learn!

Adair Aguilar Cruz - Adair puts forth his best effort each day in our reading group. He asks questions and participates in group discussions. I have seen growth in his confidence and willingness to take risks.