Elementary School February Leaders of the Pack

Elementary School February Leaders of the Pack


Brandon Maldonado Ortiz -  Brandon is a good friend to all! He is a great roll model in our classroom! He leads by example of how to be kind, clean up, and sit during large group activities.

Josue Pablo Lopez -  Josue is always going out of his way to show respect in and out of the classroom by using his manners. He never fails to say "Please" and "Thank you," and sets a great example for his friends!

Cullen McDonah -  Cullen is eager to learn and demonstrates paw pride in the classroom and encourages others to follow the rules.

Alicia Moran -  Alicia is always kind, fun, a great listener, and because of all these things she is learning a lot!! We love having her in our classroom!


Allison Ortiz Hernandez -  Allison is very respectful and kind to teachers and students. Allison always goes out of her way to help others. Thank you for showing PAW Pride, Allison!

Jennifer Aguilar Reyes -  Jennifer is an incredibly kind and bubbly student. She is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed to either her classmates or teachers. Her smile is contagious and she is a joy to have in the classroom!

Lexyss Sandoval Sandoval -  Lexyss is a rock star in class. He is always ready to learn and tries his best. He has done a great job being a classroom leader and gets so excited when it is his turn to be the Leader of the Day! Keep it up Lexyss.

Camilla Cebrero -  Camilla works hard and listens carefully. She is new to the school but is already becoming a Paw Pride leader in the classroom. We are so happy she is here!

Maryori Feria Sandoval -  Maryori is doing a great job of showing PAW Pride in the classroom. She works very hard and does a great job of participating as well. She is very kind and respectful.


Jasmin Reynoso Barrios -  Jasmin works hard to show PAW pride by being responsible, respectful and safe at school. Way to go Jasmin!!!

Daniel Hernandez Cruz -  Daniel is an extremely kind student. Daniel is extremely easy going and does everything requested of him without question. Daniel works hard each day to show Paw Pride by being Respectful, Responsible and Safe.

Camilo Sandoval Sandoval -  Camilo is a hard worker. He is always willing to help his classmates and teacher. He shows PAW Pride in all areas of our school. Camilo comes to school each day ready to learn something new.

Alba Sandoval Sandoval -  Alba comes to school with a smile everyday. She is always willing to help others. She is a great example of how to be respectful, responsible and safe.

Giovy Sandoval Vasquez -  Giovy works well with others and always completes his work neatly. He is a great friend to all.


Emmelia Bellville -  Emmelia is a very responsible, respectful, and helpful student. She is always helping any chance she gets, whether it is helping clean the classroom or helping a classmate with their work. She always comes to school bright eyed and ready to learn!

Antonio Vargas Pablo -  He has great integrity. He is kind, helpful and blossoming into a classroom leader.

Angelann Jaimes -  Angelann practices whole body listening while working hard in the classroom. She thinks about others and is always willing to help.

Adriana Reynosa Vargas -  Adriana treats all her classmates with kindness and compassion. She is quick to help a friend if they need. it. She works extremely hard in the classroom and always tries her best. She follows all PBIS expectations and is a pleasure to have in second grade.

Javier Pablo Lopez -  Javier is a great role model for our class. He shows paw pride in the classroom, hallways, and bathroom. He is respectful when someone is talking. He looks at the speaker and listens to them. He is also polite and kind. Keep up the good work Javier!

Violet Romero -  Violet is a great helper in our classroom. She show Paw Pride even when nobody is watching. Congratulations Violet and we are so happy you are in our school!


Noel Rubio -  Noel has put a lot of effort into being more responsible, safe, and respectful. He knows the routine in the classroom and will often be a teacher helper/leader. He enjoys helping his classmates and is kind to them. Noel starts his day by checking the calendar day and specials day number upon arrival by the office. If it hasn't been changed yet, he makes sure to have it done before he goes to his classroom. We are proud of Noel!

Ashley Romero Aguilar -  Ashely always shows up to school with a positive attitude and an enthusiasm to learn. She shows paw pride all throughout the school day and is a great friend to all.

Fredy Vasquez Cruz -  Fredy shows PAW PRIDE every day with his respectfulness. He always has a kind word and smile for everyone. He is also responsible with his school work. When things get hard, he keeps trying and asks questions.

Jacqueline Ortiz Hernandez -  Jacki is a strong leader amongst her classmates. She is respectful, kind and is always willing to help!

Abigale Poeschel -  Abigale is a very kind individual. She is always going out of her way to make sure other students feel appreciated. Abigale follows all expectations and helps encourage others to do the same. Keep up the great work Abigale!

Kevin Maldonado Ortiz -  Kevin always tries his best on completing any task. He is a great friend and includes everyone. He follows all expectations and is often the example used for what other should be doing. He is always willing to help out, no matter the task. Keep up the great work!

Katherine De La O Mejia -  Katherine is respectful is her classmates and teachers. She comes to school ready to learn. She works hard to do her best work.


Selvin Gonzalez Rueda -  Selvin has been a PAW PRIDE leader in the classroom all year. He is always polite and never says no to helping a friend. Selvin has what it takes to be a Leader of the Pack!

Dariel Garcia Verde -  Dariel has shown leadership in her collaborating groups. In groups, she listens, discusses, and assists her peers. She often participates in class discussions, and she works hard. She is responsible, respectful, and safe.

Liz Sandoval Ortiz -  Liz is an extremely hard worker that comes to school every single day ready to learn. Her positive energy is contagious and those around her look to her as a positive role model.

Joaquin Gomez Asencio -  Joaquin excels in the classroom and sets a great example for his classmates. Joaquin is always on task and prepared for class. He actively participates in class and adds lots of insightful thoughts to our class discussions. He is more than willing to help his classmates with challenging problems and does this while being respectful, and responsible, and safe. Keep up the awesome work, Joaquin!