FAQ's 20-21 School Year

FAQ's 20-21 School Year
UPDATED 3/17/2021
As you begin to learn and understand more about the plans to reopen our schools for the 2020-2021 school year, we know and understand that there are many questions. We are working as fast as possible to create plans and provide as much information as we can given the ever-changing nature of our reality. Thank you for your continued support and patience as we create the best scenario we can! Please know that we will continue to add to this document and try to share as much information as we can. Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions and we will be happy to add them to this FAQ document if appropriate.
  • What time can my child be dropped off or arrive at school in the morning? No students will be permitted to be dropped off prior to 7:30 AM.  Teachers will be available in their classrooms beginning at 7:30 AM for supervision.  
  • What are the start and end times for the schools? The elementary school day will start at 7:55 AM.  Our middle and high schools' instructional day will begin at 8:15 AM. The elementary school will release the bus riders at 3:00 PM with the walkers and those being picked up by parents being released shortly thereafter (3:05-3:10).  The middle school and high school will release at 3:15 PM.  PLEASE NOTE: The instructional day on Wednesday will end at 2:20 PM at the elementary and at 2:35 at the middle school and high school.  Wednesdays will continue to be the Professional Learning Community teacher time after the student dismissal. 
  • Will students and staff be required to wear face coverings? Yes, based on the current statewide order, students and staff will be required to wear face coverings while indoors with a few exceptions as stated in the order.  If/when the statewide order expires, our local policy will be to require face coverings  for those attending in person.  There may be times when appropriate social distancing allows coverings to be removed for short periods of time, but that will be governed by school staff.  
  • Will students be required to wear face-coverings at bus stops?  While the district encourages students to wear face coverings while waiting for the bus, especially if they are in groups, the district does not have any control over or way to enforce this.  Parents are encouraged to speak with their child(ren) and set this as a parental expectation.
  • Is there a medical scenario that may allow students or staff to not wear face coverings?  Yes, for students or staff with specific medical issues the face covering requirement may be altered, but we will also exhaust all other protective options before a no covering situation would be allowed. Please be prepared to provide any medical records that will assist us. 
  • What other safety measures have been implemented at school?  Hand sanitizer stations have been installed near all classrooms, throughout the hallways, and public spaces.  Hand washing will be implemented directly into daily routines, clear barriers will be used in some areas where distancing is not possible. Barriers will also be used in offices, some classrooms situations, etc.
  • What will classrooms look like?  Extra furniture and many other non-instructional items have been removed from classrooms to allow as much distance as possible.  Most rugs have been removed to provide for easier cleaning.
  • What will lunch look like?  Lunch will be a to go style system. Students will pick up their lunch from the cafeteria/commons and take it to classrooms or other designated areas to eat.  Lunches will be served on disposable trays and will be eaten using disposable utensils.  Once students obtain their lunch, we will use all available space to provide distancing as face coverings are not able to work when eating.  We will also be set up for eating outside anytime the weather allows us to provide more spacing.  Breakfast will be a grab and go style for grades PK-12.
  • Will students be able to use microwaves at lunch time?  Yes. Microwaves will be available for student use during lunch. There will be sanitizer available near the microwave and each student is expected to sanitize their hands before they touch the microwave each time. Microwaves will also be wiped down between lunches.
  • How will busing look if we are planning to send our children on the bus?  Busing will look somewhat similar to last year in terms of routes.  If you are using school provided busing, you will receive route assignments in the coming weeks.  Students will be required to sit in their assigned seat at all times and will be required to wear a face-covering at all times.  The most significant change is that there will only be one allowed pick-up location in the mornings and one designated drop-off location in the afternoons.
  • What will the music program look like for in person and remote learning? 
    • Elementary music programs will be run in the music room and possibly outdoors when circumstances allow. Any shared equipment will be cleaned between uses.   Face-coverings will be worn unless students are outside and spaced appropriately.
    • Middle School music programs will be run in the auditorium and band room, possibly outdoors.   Instruments will be disinfected between uses.  Face-coverings will be worn unless students are outside or spaced appropriately.  Students will be working in small groups and MS will conduct one-to-one lessons if the schedule allows for it. 
    • High School choir classes will be held in the auditorium to allow for social distancing.  Students will also be wearing face-coverings while singing and rehearsals may be shortened and modified as needed.  Band will be held in the band classroom.  Instrument coverings will be provided and, when practical, face-coverings will be worn.  In addition, students will be socially distanced to the greatest extent practical.  For both band and choir, rehearsal may be held outside when weather permits.
    • We continue to use research and guidance from state and national music organizations to guide our plans which undoubtedly will change throughout this year. 
  • Will other plans continue to change as the year progresses?  Yes, we will continue to monitor all available information to best meet the challenges we are facing this year.  We fully expect that some of the plans we have in place will require changes as we move forward.  Some situations may require a more restrictive approach while others will allow for greater freedom and flexibility.  To the extent possible, we will attempt to keep everyone updated as changes occur.  Simply, if things are not going well, we will fix them.  If we are not able to properly and practically mitigate risk, or the realities of the pandemic change in a negative manner, we will move to a mandatory remote learning environment as quickly as necessary.  Conversely, if we are able to, based on scientific and medical evidence, move toward a system more similar to the Fall of 2019, we will do so cautiously and slowly.  


Thank you again for your continued concern for your children and please do not hesitate to reach out with additional questions.  This is, as you all know, a complex situation with many moving parts, but we will do our absolute best to meet as many challenges as we are able to.