High School Students of the Trimester

High School Students of the Trimester
Please join us in congratulating our students who were nominated by each department as the “Students of the Trimester.” These students have engaged and invested fully in the great opportunities that education provides. We are proud and inspired by their example. 


Paola Aguilar Reyes - Paola is working really hard this year! She is dedicated to her school work and has a positive attitude in my advisory!


Hazel Schank - Hazel has been a great addition to the Ag program and the FFA. He brings enthusiasm, a good work ethic and humor to the class and our group!


Yamileth Alejo Rubio - Yami is not only an amazing artist but she is extremely hard working. If she gets frustrated she is not afraid to start over even after putting in hours worth of work. She is fun to have in the classroom and kind to everyone. She expects perfection in her work and is so helpful to others in the room including me. She gives lots of constructive criticism to students and for me. Anyone would be lucky to have her in class.

Juan Carlos Hernandez Aguilar - Carlos is always polite and friendly. He works very hard during class time and he pushes himself to achieve at a high level. Carlos is a great addition to the classroom.


Helmer Sandoval Aguilar -  Helmer shows a keen interest in business. He is respectful and shows leadership qualities in class. I know Helmer will take what he has learned in class and become successful in life.


Gery Ceballos-Lopez - Gery's voice has really improved and his attitude is fantastic! He didn't know how to beat box, but learned to do it for the "team". Gery thank you for your talent, commitment, flexibility, and positive attitude. Super proud of you!


Jaylie Dahl Jaylie always has a positive attitude in class. She works hard at every task she is assigned, and turns in all of her work on time.

Luke Wolfe Luke has been working incredibly hard in English this year. He brings a great perspective to the classroom and contributes positively to our learning environment. He is super knowledgeable about greek mythology!

Maribel Arciniega - Maribel was an excellent student in not just one but two English classes this trimester. She was able to balance both classes effectively; she turned in her work on time, got good grades, and actively participated throughout the trimester.


Jometh Fontanes Gonzalez Jometh has a very strong work ethic and is dedicated to doing his best. He works very hard to understand the material and has advanced SO much with English. Keep it up Jometh, I am proud of you!!!


Ella Pozanc Ella is responsible and mature. She is always willing to help out with club activities and class activities. She is motivated to learn more and completes her work on time and done well.


Edgar Ortiz-Ortiz Edgar has a magnificent math brain and I love his willingness to share with and help students who are struggling.

Vanessa Ortiz Feria Vanessa is an extremely hard worker. She really wants to understand the material. She is also a great leader in the classroom.

Pedro Guzman - He is always conscientious, has a wonderful sense of humor, turns his work in on time and does excellent work. Always challenging himself to learn more.


Brandon Bustos - Brandon has made huge strides in his overall attitude and effort in class and in school. I am proud to see him be a leader in the class with his high effort levels and positive attitude every day. Great job Brandon, your effort has not gone unnoticed!


Riley Walters - Riley is an exemplary student who brings a positive atmosphere and optimistic attitude into the classroom. She is incredibly bright and strives to do the best she can in her academics even when faced with challenges and setbacks.


Tatum Drazkowski - It has been a pleasure to have Tatum's enthusiasm, positivity and maturity in my class. I could always count on her to help other students and be a positive example. You will do great things and I'm excited to see your journey at Arcadia High.

Glener Romero Jiron - Glener is a great student and a kind human being. It works hard in class and participates, even if learning English or about the U.S. Constitution doesn't come easily to him. He is persistent and is kind to everyone!


Austin Hughes - Austin is always willing to get right to work in the shop, he is very motivated and works hard with every project or task. Austin also helps other students who are struggling, providing a learning opportunity for everyone around him.

Alfaro Arita (Ismael) Jose - Ismael had taken to his woodworking class with hesitation and fright. After taking the time to settle into the classroom and learn through many visual observations, he began to understand woodworking at a level not seen in any of his peers. I had the oppourtunity to watch Ismael grow and become confident in his newfound set of skills, a task that was overcome through his work ethic and dedication.