High School Students of the Trimester

High School Students of the Trimester
Please join us in congratulating our students who were nominated by each department as the “Students of the Trimester.” These students have engaged and invested fully in the great opportunities that education provides. We are proud and inspired by their example. 


Mishel Diaz - Mishel has proven to be diligent in getting her work done, advocates for herself when she needs to, and takes her coursework seriously. She is tackling an AP Spanish class as a sophomore and is balancing that well with her classes. Keep up your consistent work and positive attitude!


Ben Kolstad -  Ben is one of the hardest working students. He constantly wants to challenge himself and better himself as a musician. While working incredibly hard on his trumpet solo he decided it wasn't a challenge enough and started learning a new instrument. He's a wonderful student and an inspiration to see in the band room.


Allison Chavez - Allison's vocal skills and confidence have improved so much this year; she even tried out for Chamber Choir and made it! Super proud of her! She has also been a tremendous help every month with our Bingo Event. She is extremely responsible, respectful, and a hard worker without me even asking her to be. Thanks for going above and beyond Allison....it is noticed and appreciated greatly!


Melissa Zapata San Juan - Miss Zapata San Juan is an excellent new students with many talents and she was willing to take on a larger role in our children's theatre production. Even though she might not understand everything that is said in English, Mellissa works hard and stays thoroughly engaged in her education. Mrs. Schock give a BIG ROUND of applause to Melissa.

Miss Zapata San Juan es una excelente nueva alumna con muchos talentos y estaba dispuesta a asumir un papel más importante en nuestra producción de teatro infantil. Aunque no entienda todo lo que se dice en inglés, Mellissa trabaja duro y se mantiene completamente comprometida con su educación. La Sra. Schock le da un GRAN aplauso a Melissa.ENGLISH

Elizabeth Romero Ubaldo -  Elizabeth always comes to class prepared and ready to engage. She asks questions when she has them and is always looking to improve her English skills!


Jennifer Vasquez Lopez -  Jenny is a model student. She works hard and challenges herself, but she is also a good friend and classmate to others.


Logan Breska - Logan is constantly pursuing excellence. He is interested in learning and participates with class topics readily. He is patient with his classmates and always respectful.


Jazmin Mendoza -  Jazmin is driven and motivated to do great things. She is interested in elementary education and has taken steps to set herself up for success in this career. She is constantly learning and applying herself to whatever learning environment she is placed in. During our Culture of Healthcare class, Jazmin has shown professionalism, integrity, and a strong work ethic. She is truly deserving of recognition.


Carson Schultz - Carson is doing a great job in chemistry. His participation in class makes our learning enviornment better for everyone.


Logan Breska - Logan is a great all around student. He works hard, he is helpful to other students, he has thoughtful answers to questions. It is a pleasure to have Logan in my class.

Karelis Rivas Nieves -  Karelis is a very focused student who works hard to master the material despite the language barrier. I appreciate her efforts in my Government & Society class.


Samantha Arciniega -  Samantha has made great strides towards her educational goals this school year and tri. Her efforts do not go unnoticed! She is a light to be around and spreads positivity to those around her.