High School Students of the Trimester 2024

High School Students of the Trimester 2024
Please join us in congratulating our students who were nominated by each department as the “Students of the Trimester.” These students have engaged and invested fully in the great opportunities that education provides. We are proud and inspired by their example. 


Carlie George - Carlie has done an amazing job advocating for herself as a student. She is a diligent worker and takes pride in accomplishing her goals. Carlie is finishing her sophomore year strong, way to go Carlie!

Erick Maldonado Aguilar Erick is becoming a hard worker in his classes and is showing resilience even when the work is sometimes difficult. Erick is willing to do what he needs to in order to be successful at school.


Angle Santos- Angel is one of the hardest working students that has been in the band. He steps up consistently to new challenges, and never gives up on them. You can catch him practicing the same solo for jazz band at any moment of the day. He is an inspiration.


Linsy Cruz Angel - Linsy's comedic albitites and hardworking talents are commendable. She is a true asset to the AHS Theatre Department and shines brightly in any production she lends her theatrical skills to.



Bryan Hernandez - Bryan worked hard in ELA this year and noticeably improved in his skills and abilities. He put in many hours outside of school completing assignments and making sure he was learning the content we were covering in class. I have been very impressed by his efforts in his freshman year of high school!

Marangelys Alvarez- Mara has been an excellent student throughout this trimester. She always comes to class prepared and ready to learn! When she has questions on materials, she never hesitates to ask myself or Ms. Wozney for clarification. She contributes to a positive class environment, always has a great attitude, and consistently supports her peers.

Adan Cortez Gama- Adan is such a positive force in the classroom! He has a great work ethic and does a great job balancing his school, home, sports and work schedule. Adan is also a strong self advocate and asks for help when he needs it, but only after putting in the work to try to understand it independently. I will miss his quiet leadership!



Emilia (Santa) Rosario Miranda- Emilia is not only a fantastic artist but also a super hard worker. She wasn't here right away at the beginning of the Trimester and worked hard to catch up to the other students. She will even come in before or after class to catch up on projects and everything she does looks AMAZING!


Tatum Drazkowski Tatum is always interested in participating and learning. She is helpful to her groupmates and is constantly looking to improve. She is driven to do well, while also encouraging others. Her leadership is appreciated.



Jamie Barrios- Aguilar- Jamie is a very hard worker, who always gets her work in on time. She isn't afraid to ask questions and is willing to help others.


Yahir Gonzalez Bolanos- Yahir is always working to get better at each unit we have done. He is a great leader with the group of students he works with and I can always count on their group to be working and staying on task. Great job this Trimester Yahir!


Emiliano Vazquez Luque- Emiliano is in Natural Resources and Food Science. Emiliano pays attention in class and is always on task. Emiliano has done extra work in Food Science such as do the dishes and set up equipment. He is a hard worker and easy to work with. Emiliano just started learning about soils last week and then took 2nd in his division at the Trempealeau County Land Judging contest!


Hazel Schank- Hazel is everything that you could ask for in a student. Her drive and work ethic are so fun to watch. She exhibits kindness, friendliness and is simply the best hype woman for her fellow students.

Fernanda Luque Villagrana Fernanda is a great student of social studies. She works hard, asks questions and volunteers her ideas. I can tell that she's always paying attention, and she often helps me with my Spanish vocabulary. She is also kind and helpful to other students in the class

Vanessa Ortiz Feria Vanessa works very hard in Government and Society to master the curriculum. She communicates well with others and is always very kind. I have truly enjoyed having her in class this trimester!


Adella Anderson Adella works incredibly hard. She loves to be challenged and is always looking for more opportunities to learn and to practice her Spanish.