High School Trimester One Student Highlight

High School Trimester One Student Highlight
Please join us in congratulating our students who were nominated by each department as the “Trimester One Students.” These students have engaged and invested fully in the great opportunities that education provides. We are proud and inspired by their example. 


Tristan Lyga - Tristan is always willing to lend a helping hand, even when we don't ask. He constantly goes above and beyond what is asked and expected of him.

Alyssa Schank- Teaching woods this Trimester for the first time, both Alyssa and I shared one common denominator... inexperience. But just like I had to try things to learn them, Alyssa also had to come out of her comfort zone to make her projects. Alyssa was always ready to go to work and created some nice projects this semester.


Simon Haines - Simon is always working hard down in the department. Having him as TA he has learned how to do so many things in the world of music and watching him grow has been wonderful to see.


Daniel Hernandez Tejeda- Daniel is very conscientious in his work. He truly works to understand the material and it shows in his work. In addition he is one of the most polite students I know. Daniel, you have IT - keep doing what you are doing!


Eldon Bunders - We needed someone to learn how to beatbox for The Accidentals, and Eldon stepped up to the plate and is ROCKING it! I needed another Tenor in Chamber Choir and Eldon stepped up there too even though it is really high for him. Eldon is an amazing young man with a very bright future! Thanks for always being willing to go out of your comfort zone and for stepping up to the challenge.


Jonathan Bautista For being a constant active and valuable participant in English class.

Johnny Carlos-Gonzalez Johnny is a hard-worker, dedicated to improving himself and getting a good education. Although quiet in class, the insights he shares are valuable.

Velinda Blas Silva Velinda has a strong work ethic and she has taken great strides to improve her English grade. Keep up the great work and know that I am proud of you!!!

Angeles Flores Hernandez Angeles finishes her assignments on time, tries her hardest, and is a willing participant in all aspects of English class.


Emilia Rosario Miranda Emilia comes to English class with a positive attitude and is always eager to learn something new. She does an excellent job in class and is always willing to help her classmates.


Inari Terrazas Inari works hard on all assignments and is interested in learning. She goes above and beyond and therefore does very well.


Lisette Alavez Lisette consistently works hard to understand the material we are learning in math and she goes out of her way to help her peers understand it, too. I am proud of her efforts to learn and of her commitment to her education. Keep up the hard work, Lisette!

Jazmine Mendoza Jazmine works very hard in class and has shown great progress in Algebra.

Brianna Juan Dominguez Brianna is a diligent worker, if she misses school, she is immediately working to complete assignments that occurred while she was gone. She stays current with her IXL skills and is willing to help others when they have questions.

Alexander Russell Alex is a driven math student who is always willing to assist others with their learning.


Kanah Slaby Kanah has been an active participant in our Advanced Chemistry course over the trimester. She always engages in our discussions, asks questions, and bring a good attitude to our classroom.


Yahir Gonzalez Bolanos Yahir thinks critically and asks great questions about the topics we cover. He works hard on all his assignments, enjoys friendly competition with his classmates and is not afraid to participate.

Sam Schaffner Sam is always asking the extra question and is always curious. I appreciate his drive to learn.


Zach Konkel - Zach has been tremendously hard working student that gets his work done efficiency and with high expectations. When he's done he looks to see if there is anyone else he can help.

Evelyn Castelan - Evelyn has shown great advancements throughout her last two years, becoming a leader in the classroom and working to use her time here wisely to learn as much as she can. She is also always willing to help others whenever asked, or do an extra task in class to help out.