High School Trimester Three Student Highlight

High School Trimester Three Student Highlight
Please join us in congratulating our students who were nominated by each department as the “Trimester Three Students.” These students have engaged and invested fully in the great opportunities that education provides. We are proud and inspired by their example. 


Cesar Hernandez Tejada: Cesar is always on task and gives his best effort in every class. He is also respectful to students and staff, always.


Alex Sandoval: Alex has demonstrated a tremendous work ethic this trimester. He has grown into a student who cares about learning, wants good grades, and puts in his best effort at all times.


Yahir Gonzalez Bolanos: Yahir has consistently been a student who puts in good effort in his classes. I often see him helping his peers understand new concepts in Algebra. Yahir advocates for himself when he has a question, is always respectful and shows kindness to others.

Rosa Perez Tema: Rosa has done an exceptional job of learning the material this trimester, especially considering she joined our class in the middle of the year. She asks insightful questions and never hesitates to lend a helping hand. I can always count on Rosa to explain the material to her peers or to have the courage to ask the questions that no one else will. Keep up the fantastic work, Rosa!

Briana Ruiz Briana is an enthusiastic mathematics student who couples hard work with natural talent. She participates fully in class and is happy to help her classmates with their work.


Imari Klein: Imari is such an amazing human being with a huge heart. She is hard working, responsible, talented, kind, fun to be around, honest, and respectful, just to name a few of her great qualities. Imari has to wake up EXTREMELY early to be at Accidentals' rehearsals at 6:45 am because she lives near Eleva. The best part is most days she gets to rehearsals before students who live here in town. Talk about being responsible and dedicated! Way to go Imari. Super proud of you!


Carson Chambers: Carson has shown great improvement and hard work this trimester. He is always respectful to teachers and admin.


Daniel Hernandez-Tejeda: Daniel is a responsible, respectful young man who always is willing to help other. He does outstanding work in all aspects of his science studies and is a joy to have in class.


Kyana Servais: Kyana has been a joy to have in two of my classes third trimester. She has a calming presence, engages in discussion, is welcoming to her peers, and helps create an atmosphere that people want to be a part of. Thank you Kyana for being such a great student and person. You will be missed next year!

Edgar Ortiz Ortiz: Edgar is a great student of history. He listens carefully and thinks deeply about the material. He is always willing to participate and works well with everyone in the class.


Brian Montalvo: Brian is an extremely hard working student who has continuously demonstrated determination to improve and develop his linguistic abilities. He is kind and respectful, and works extremely well in collaborative situations. He is an awesome student to have in class!