Elementary School May Leaders of the Pack

Elementary School May Leaders of the Pack


Arely Lopez Sandoval-  Arely has been an exceptional student all school year. She stood out this month because she has really shown empathy. She has been a big helper with friends that are having big feelings. She will ask them how she can help and offer to hold their hand. Her heart is so big and I could not be more proud of her. She has also been rocking her letter sounds and has finished all of the letter sounds for her practice ring and is now working on Kindergarten tricky words! Way to go Arely!!

Elijah McChutchen -  Eli has had huge gains this year in his confidence to speak during large group discussions. He went from not sharing at all to being our biggest contributor in our class discussions. He has become very inquisitive! Keep asking lots of questions Eli!

Davyan Cruz -  Davyan was selected as a leader of the pack this month because of how well he has been focusing his attention. He has grown a lot this year including his listening skills. He is listening with his whole body and participating in our whole group activities. When he does this, he is able to learn the new skills we are practicing. Davyan I am very proud of you. Congratulations!

Fletcher McChutchen -  Fletcher has a heart of gold! His super power is conversation! He has worked to control that super power. He has also learned that he can do hard things with lots of practice like zipping & writing his name.

Anthony Leyva-Moga -  Anthony shows great kindness to others and will go out of his way to genuinely compliment friends throughout the day. He is a wonderful example of being a bucket filler for his peers!!

Ezra Avalos Sonsalla -  Ezra has made wonderful growth throughout the school year and is almost always showing love and care towards others. He does a great job at knowing what he needs to be ready to learn and will lend a helping hand to others when asked!

Mike Silva Cruz-  Mike loves to put a smile on our faces each day, whether it's through his silliness or his kindness! He enjoys participating in learning and helping others. We enjoy having Mike in our class!

Tatyana Agustin Bautista -  Tatyana has shown growth this year in being a friend. She uses her words to problem solve and make sure friends are sharing. She shows paw pride by being safe and respectful in and outside of the classroom.

Rossy Rondon Cedeno -  Rossy is such a great student in our class. She is always trying her best to learn more and help those around her. She is kind to others in the class and wants to help those in need.

Alex Garcia -  Alex is a wonderful student that has worked hard this school year and it shows! We love to see Alex's smile every day!

Marshall Loeffler- Marshall is a great student that has worked hard this school year. He has mastered writing his name and is learning how to sound out and spell new words. Marshall always has an interesting fact to share and we enjoy learning new things with him every day.

Judith Vasquez Ortiz - Judith comes to school every day with a smile on her face and an energy to learn new things. She shows PAW Pride when she helps her friends and teachers. Judith is a very kind young lady and we love to having her in our class.

Emberlyn Nelson - Emberlyn has grown so much socially this year. She shows concern for others. She uses her words to calmly explain her needs or concerns with her friends. She has grown into a happy & caring young lady.

Carol Stennes - Carol shows up to school ready to learn every day with a smile on her face and a “Good morning” as soon as she sees you. Carol has made great strides in building friendships, using manners, and following directions. Keep up the good work Carol!

Montserrat Vasquez Aguilar - Montserrat has shown great growth this year in the classroom. She has built friendships, strengthened her relationships with teachers, and has become a leader to her classmates. Keep up the good work, Montserrat!


Leiver Vergara Ayala -  Leiver has been working so hard to show Paw Pride in all areas of the school. He has been participating in class, working hard to be a kind friend, and always comes to school with a positive attitude. Great job, Leiver!

Leo Sandoval Ortiz -  Leo has been doing a great job being respectful, responsible, and safe in the classroom. He is a hard worker and is eager to learn. Keep it up Leo!

Luna Rovelo -  Luna has made so much growth this year. She is able to show paw pride in our classroom by sitting nicely on the carpet, and doing her work when asked at her table. She also shows hallway paw pride by walking nice and quietly with her friends. She is a sweet girl, and tries her best. I am so proud of you, Luna! I have enjoyed having you in my room this year.

Heidy Jimenez -  Heidy goes above and beyond to be respectful to her teachers and classmates. She shows empathy and is always willing to lend a helping hand. She has shown improvement in using her class time wisely, and always tries to do her best work. She is a great Spanish language model for the class. Thanks for showing leadership, Heidy!

Hailie Rangel Ortiz-  Hailie has come a long ways since the beginning of the school year. She is respectful, responsible and safe! She has increased her English language greatly, and it is fun to hear her use both languages now. Keep up the great work Hailie!

Brandon Maradiaga -  Brandon has been doing a great job of showing PAW Pride in our school! He is a hard worker and is kind to his friends. Keep doing a great job, Brandon!

Alexzander Poeschel - Alex always comes to school ready to learn. He always has a smile on his face and does a great job of following PAW Pride expectations. Keep doing a great job, Alex!


Jair Ortiz -  Jair has worked hard all year. He has learned to take pride in his work and turns in completed work on a daily basis. Jair is kind and respectful to his classmates.

Dominick Maldonado - Dominick comes to school with a smile everyday, he works hard even when things get tricky. He is a great friend to others and shows PAW Pride at school! Keep up the good work Dominick!

Ian Monroy Barcenas - Ian has been sharing what he knows with others more and more each day. He is so brave! He comes to school with a smile on his face and always shows PAW Pride. I am so proud of you, Ian!

Hadley Moreno - Hadley has been working very hard to show Paw Pride, she is a great leader to her peers. She comes to school ready to learn and goes above and beyond with her school work. She is a great friend and is always willing to lend a hand!

Hailyn Vera Mendez - Hailyn has pushed herself out of her comfort zone, she has been working very hard in class. I can always count on Hailyn to show PAW Pride, even when no one is watching, great job Hailyn!!


Lexyss Sandoval Sandoval -  Lexyss has been showing paw pride inside the classroom and in other areas of our building. He is respectful and is a great helper. Keep up the good work Lexyss!

Montserrat Sandoval Sandoval -  Montserrat is a hard worker in the classroom and throughout the entire school. She shows kindness to everyone and loves to help others. She is a great leader, keep working hard Montserrat!

Allison Ortiz Hernandez -  Allison has been working very hard to show PAW Pride throughout our entire school. She shows respect to her teachers and friends. In class she works very hard and volunteers to share her thinking. Keep up the great work Allison!

Aliyah Walske -  Aliyah is a leader because she comes to class ready to work hard and try her best. She encourages others to try their best and is quick to help others. Aliyah raises her hand to participate and shares her ideas often.

Giovanni Tepole Montalvo - Gio practices being a leader by sharing his positivity with others. He shows kindness and empathy to everyone. Gio is honest and always willing to help others. He tries his best and works hard in the classroom.


Kimberly Cacari Silva -  Kimberly is always going above and beyond to show PAW PRIDE. She is truly a leader in my classroom and is always kind and doing the right thing. Kimberly makes friends with anyone she meets.

Aylin Hernandez Tinoco -  When Aylin is in school, we can count on her for her leadership, sharp focus, and kind heart. She never complains when asked to do something, is respectful, and always has a friendly smile for everyone.

Emily Aguilar Mendoza - She is kind, hard working, and constantly strives to understand classroom material.


Hector Porras Delgado -  Hector shows PAW Pride on a daily basis by following expectations in the classroom and in the hallway. Hector excels in the classroom by keeping track of his things, sustaining a positive attitude, and showing kindness to others!

Alan Carrillo Montalvo - Alan has worked very hard this year and does a great job in class! He is very kind to his classmates and shows Paw Pride in everything he does at AES! Thank you Alan!

Emme Bellville - Emme is very considerate of her peers, helping in the classroom and being kind when we are out and about! She works hard in class and demonstrates Paw Pride wherever she goes! Thank you Emme!

Treyton Axness - Treyton has worked very hard to improve in his classwork, and it shows! His attendance has been very good and he has grown so much as a student. Great job Treyton!

Leilani Aguilar Ortiz - Leilani has done a great job in 4th grade, working so hard and even asking for additional practice work to learn her skills! She is kind to everyone and shows grace when days are difficult. Thank you Leilani, you are brave and strong!