Middle School April Leader of the Pack

Middle School April Leader of the Pack

Each month we will be recognizing an AMS Leader of the Pack. This recognition will go to two students at each grade level that exhibit strong, positive citizenship skills and commitment to school. We are so excited to recognize our fabulous students!

Grade 5

Mileydi Aguilar Barrios - Mileydi is a very hard working 5th grader who really cares about her education. She has such a positive attitude towards school and her classmates. She is on the right track to making a big difference in her life for the future. Keep up the excellent work!

Joram Coronado Tomas -  Joram is a great student.  He goes out of his way to be a good, loyal friend.  Joram enjoys school and brings a positive attitude every day.  He is a great example of a Leader of the Pack for AMS!  Way to go, Joram! 


Grade 6


Jaylein Cruz - Jaylein is a quiet leader who works very well in a group.  She strives to make sure her assignments are well done and asks questions when she needs to.  Jaylein follows instructions carefully and is respectful to peers and adults.  She is a true leader of the pack!


Dariel Garcia Verde - Dariel is a student who pays great attention to detail when completing tasks in school.  She often displays extra effort by self checking and going over assignments before turning them in.  Dariel demonstrates a desire to learn, is engaged in class, and is always willing to contribute to class discussion.  Way to be a leader of the pack,  Dariel!


Grade 7

Claribel Reynoso Rafael - What an outstanding student Claribel is at school. She works hard and always tries to do her best. She is a great friend and always willing to help out no matter what the need. She is always very polite and kind to not only adults but the other students in her classes. Claribel is dependable and someone you can always count on. For these reasons, Claribel is an excellent example of what a Leader of the Pack should be.

Sergio Santillan - Sergio is a very hard-working student. He is kind to others and never puts anyone down. He wants to make the world a better place. Sergio is an excellent student and makes school a priority.  He has high expectations for himself and his friends.  Great example of a AMS Leader of the Pack! 


Grade 8

Fernanda Garcia- Lara - Fernanda is a wonderful young lady and a very hard worker. Fernanda does her best in all that she does and helps others when needed. She has a positive attitude and has a great work ethic. She is an asset to any class that she is in. Keep up the fantastic work Fernanda!! 

Sherlyn Barrientos-Camde;as - Sherlyn is a very responsible student. She has taken initiative to make sure she is keeping up with all of her work even while she was gone from school. She works hard to be her best. Not to mention, she is a great friend and classmate to others!