Middle School April Leaders of the Pack

Middle School April Leaders of the Pack
Each month we will be recognizing an AMS Leader of the Pack. This recognition will go to two students at each grade level that exhibit strong, positive citizenship skills and commitment to school. We are so excited to recognize our fabulous students!


Jarimely Sandoval Zarate - If you are looking for a dependable, hardworking, creative, and loving student; Jarimely Sandoval is your person. Jarimely works hard in everything she does. She is a student I can always count on to complete her work or help out. She is always motivated to assist her classmates when they are struggling. Another thing our class knows, we can always depend on Jarimely to do the right thing even when no one is watching. All these reasons and more are what makes Jarimely my student nominated for April's Leader of the Pack.

Melany Gomez Pech - Melany is an exceptional student in 5th grade. She always follows the classroom expectations with a smile on her face. She also cares about her education by always doing her best on all of her assignments and tests in every class. Way to go, Melany! 


Brooklyn Walske -Brooklyn is very respectful to her peers and adults.  She is very conscientious about her education as her work is always complete and done to the best of her ability. She always has a smile and is ready for a laugh. Brooklyn represents a true Leader of the Pack! 

Emilio Paez - Emilio is a great addition to our middle school.  He comes prepared and ready to learn every day.  He has a great work ethic and has shown growth in his academic skills.  He is friendly and nice to his peers and adults.  Keep up the great effort! 


Brian Lorenzo Coronado - Brian is an appreciated part of the 7th Grade class.  He is an intelligent young man who provides meaningful contributions to the class.  In addition, he is a nice, sociable, and polite person who personifies the Raider Way.  Brian has excellent “people skills”.  He is respectful with his words and serious about school.  Great job, Brian! 

Xitlali Hernandez-Ortiz-  Xitlali  has continued to work hard to improve on her academic skills. She encourages others and sets high expectations for herself. Xitlali is creative, motivated, and eager to learn. Keep up the great work!


Hazel Schank - Hazel is a very kind student. She is willing to help around the classroom and assist her fellow students. She has shown a great deal of Raider pride in and out of the classroom. She is respectful during lessons and is always prepared to learn. Way to be a Raider!

Shylin Matchey - Shylin is a kind friend to everyone. She is always willing to help others and will reach out to others who may not always be chosen in a group. Shylin is a hard worker and makes her education a priority. Shylin is a prime example of what it means to be a Raider!  Congrats, Shylin!