Middle School December Leaders of the Pack

Middle School December Leaders of the Pack
Each month we will be recognizing an AMS Leader of the Pack. This recognition will go to two students at each grade level that exhibit strong, positive citizenship skills and commitment to school. We are so excited to recognize our fabulous students!


James Currier - James is having an excellent year in 5th grade because of his awesome behavior and terrific work ethic. He is always following the Raider Way expectations and setting a good example for his peers, and James is always willing to try his best on assignments that he has completed.

Faye Wolfe - Faye is an outstanding AMS student.  She is new to Arcadia Middle School and has transitioned well.  Faye is a good friend to her classmates and is conscientious about following school expectations.   She strives to put forth her best effort every day.  Faye is an excellent AMS Leader of the Pack student.


Kanye Vazquez - Kanye is a very conscientious student who strives to complete assignments to the best of his ability.  He always checks over his work for accuracy and asks questions if he needs assistance.  Kanye works well in groups and brings a positive and respectful attitude to Arcadia Middle School. 

Beira Canelas Reyes - Beira quietly goes about being a great student.  She always strives to do quality work and perseveres when tasks are challenging.  Beira is a very respectful young lady and truly demonstrates what it means to be a Raider.  We are very proud of Beira!


Brendy Lopez Gomez - I see Brendy helping the new Spanish speaking students all the time.  She can be seen helping students with their lockers and helping them with their locker combinations.   She helps them learn new routines at school and we do things at our school.  Brendy is always polite and respectable to the staff.  Brendy is a great student role model.

Saul Silva Cruz - Every day, Saul comes to class with a positive attitude.  You can tell he enjoys learning because he often asks questions that show he's thinking deeply about the material.  Saul shares his ideas with his classmates freely and is always willing to lend a hand to them.  His group members have said he is a very useful part of their team.  Stay curious, Saul!


Kate Wolfe - Kate is an outstanding Leader of the Pack.  Kate is new to Arcadia Middle School this year.  She has done a fabulous job with meeting new friends and finding her way around the middle school.  Kate is a fabulous student and makes extra efforts to do well in school.   Way to go, Kate!

Henry Rosario Lopez - Henry is a fabulous AMS Leader of the Pack nomination.  Henry is very serious about his education and strives to put forth his best effort.   He is involved in the AMS Student Leadership Team and models daily how to be a great Raider!   Henry makes school a priority.  Nice effort, Henry!