Middle School November Leaders of the Pack

Middle School November Leaders of the Pack
Each month we will be recognizing an AMS Leader of the Pack. This recognition will go to two students at each grade level that exhibit strong, positive citizenship skills and commitment to school. We are so excited to recognize our fabulous November students!


Henry Schank  - “Henry is a friendly boy and enthusiastic about school.  He makes friends easily and works hard to be a dynamic student.”  

Kevin Monroy Montalvo - “Kevin is a hard-working student who is committed to doing his best and is always willing to help his classmates. He takes responsibility for his learning and is consistently showing respect to both his teachers and peers.

Olivia Mercer - “Olivia is a very respectful and studious student in 5th grade. She follows all of the school rules, gets along with her peers, and does high quality work. Olivia is a joy to have in class.


Connor Escalera - “Connor has a  good work ethic and is very sincere with adults and peers.  He comes to class prepared and works well with partners and groups.”

Nevada Reid - “Nevada is a polite and respectful, young lady.  She works well with others.  Nevada has  good communication skills and is conscientious in her  school work.  


Hidver Monroy Montalvo - “Hidver has a contagious smile that lights up a classroom.  He is friendly and very committed to his school work and getting good grades.”  

Hazel Schank - “ Hazel is a leader both in and out of the classroom.  She always has high standards for academics and behavior.  Hazel never shies away from a challenge but instead works hard to achieve her goals.”


Jonathan Bautista Garcia - “Jonathan is a real leader in the middle school   His sense of humor, friendliness, and ability to make others feel included make him stand-out at AMS. Jonathan values humility and has great respect for others. He is a leader by example in and out of the classroom. He is a positive light in the middle school.   

Kennedy Ziegeweid - “Kennedy brings two things to class:  Humor and Hard Work! With those two things, she will go far in life!