National Board Certified Teacher Week-January 24-28

National Board Certified Teacher Week-January 24-28
It is #TeamNBCT Week!
All across the country, National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) drive change and impact students, schools, and communities. This week, we wish to recognize and celebrate accomplished teaching and the impact that #NBCTstrong teachers have on our communities' students.
The School District of Arcadia is honored to have five National Board Certified Teachers. They include:
  • Allie Appel, District ELA Instructional Coach
  • Emily Instenes, Special Education Teacher
  • Michelle Passehl, Four-Year-Old Kindergarten Teacher
  • Regina McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Tony Hart, Elementary Associate Principal
We are proud of their hard work and fortunate they are here in Arcadia, helping us be #arcadiastrongtogether. Thank you for all you do each and every day.