High School Trimester One Student Highlight

High School Trimester One Student Highlight
Please join us in congratulating our students who were nominated by each department as the “Trimester One Students.” These students have engaged and invested fully in the great opportunities that education provides. We are proud and inspired by their example. 


Connor Weltzien - Connor has been a solid student in my Livestock class, bringing good discussion and experience to the class. Connor has also been involved in many FFA activities throughout the summer and fall.

Adal Vazquez- Adal has always been a trooper in class. When there is a tough task, he is always one of the first willing to do it!


Simon Haines - Simon has been a star student going above and beyond in marching band and pep band. He always puts in extra effort and continually pushes those around him to be better.


Carson Martin- Carson always greets me with a handshake, is first to volunteer when asked, and truly takes an interest in business classes. The future looks bright for Carson!!


Jonny Vargas - Jonny is an exemplary student that goes above and beyond in HS Choir and Chamber Choir. He always puts in extra time/effort to help me with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, and he helps those around him by knowing his part and singing out. He's a great leader. Thanks for ALL you do Jonny.


Tegan Michalak - Tegan is an overall great student, who excels academically and also challenges herself physically in extra curriculars (Cross Country, AHS Musical, etc.) She is kind and a role model to all.


Jeff Mohr Jeff consistently demonstrates the mindset of getting the most out of English class. He participates frequently, works well alone and with others, and strives to turn in work done to the best of his ability.

Celina Hadley Celina is a beautiful writer and is willing to help others brainstorm ideas so they too can succeed in telling their story. Celina is also a diligent student and works hard to maintain good grades.


Edith Sandoval Rojas Edith is an exemplar student who takes her learning seriously and strives to do more than just the basic tasks. She does not hesitate to ask questions and takes risks in her English learning journey.


Celeste Aguilar Ortiz Celeste is constantly going above and beyond with her work. She works hard to learn the material and stay on top of both class she is taking within FCS.


Edith Sandoval Rojas Edith makes an incredible effort to learn and understand math; she takes pride in her work and helps to make the class environment the best it can be. I am proud of and grateful for the example that Edith sets in math with her thought-provoking questions, with her willingness to take risks, and with her leadership. Congratulations, and keep up the hard work, Edith!

Fanny Gomez-Asencio Fanny is engaged and works hard in Algebra I class. She is willing to work with and translate for any students she is assigned to. Congratulations Fanny and thank you for your hard work in Algebra.


Marianna Garcia Marianna is very self motivated and has worked hard all trimester. I have been very impressed with her staying focused during all parts of our class. She stays focused and is always getting a lot done during her time in class.


Crystal Maldonado In all regards Crystal is just an outstanding student. She contributes in class, she is responsible, and all her work whether it's for activities, labs or assessments, is impeccable.

Christopher Tuma Chris has been working exceptionally hard in physics class to learn our material and perform well in our competitive labs. Chris goes above and beyond the normal expectations to help others with their work and teach them some of the things that come easy to him, but others might struggle with.


Bennett Merida Martinez Bennett always has a positive, cheerful attitude. He is determined, pushes himself to always improve, and is willing to put in the extra effort to achieve at high levels.

Oscar Chavez Oscar always has a smile on his face and is on task. He does a great job at applying his character skills by showing respect, kindness, and patience to his peers.


Daric Haines Daric is always wiling to help others and will go out of his way to make sure things are taken care of in the Tech-Ed lab areas.


Britney Aguilar Rojas She works hard everyday and continuously tries to improve and puts her best effort forward and seeks help when needed.