Infant & Toddler Development students plan activities for Little Raiders Childcare

On October 14th, The Little Raiders Childcare Center welcomed Arcadia High School Infant and Toddler Development students with open arms into their classrooms. The students planned an arts and crafts project for each childcare room. The students utilized their newly learned skills of how to provide age appropriate lessons and complete an anecdotal record that allows them to reflect on the behavior and interactions that occurred during the activity.

Infant and Toddler Development student, Maria, stated “I really enjoyed working with the kids. When we first started our activity, most of the kids were pretty shy and didn’t interact with us very much. However, towards the end, they warmed up to us and started to create a bond. There was one child in particular who stood out to me. When we walked in he tried to leave, insisting he needed to go to Target. I personally thought it was a great idea, but we needed to make our candy corn craft first! Overall, we all had a great time and I would love to go back.” 

The experience was both beneficial for the childcare children and high school students. Infant and Toddler Development student, Edith, stated “I really enjoyed working with the toddlers because I got to learn from them. The child I got to work with showed me his comfort book. He enjoyed me reading it because he knew the plot to the book. While I was reading he would point out the colors of the trucks and read along with me too. His excitement to turn the pages made me really happy”.

The Arcadia High School course Infant and Toddler Development is transcripted with Chippewa Valley Technical College. During this course, students study how children learn and develop in early childhood education settings. Students research learning theories, developmental domains, record keeping, and milestones from prenatal to three years of age. The course is the first step in earning the assistant childcare teacher (ACCT) certificate which allows a 17-year-old to work in a childcare center. 

The Little Raiders Childcare opened in August of 2021 and provides a special place to bridge the gap between childcare and elementary education. The center allows young children to participate in a comfortable, fun environment that is preparing them with the foundational skills needed to transition to elementary education. Little Raiders Childcare Center is licensed and open 12 months throughout the year from 5:45 am to 5:45 pm Monday through Friday. The facility is licensed to hold a capacity of 85 children with ages between 6 weeks old to 12 years old. To learn more or inquire about childcare openings please visit

High school student doing activity with childcare center student.